so - Samuels at the basketball game

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I assume that means his academics are all set?

is he re-affirming his committment, still considering Arizona?



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The one thing I do like about winter in Michigan is that fall and spring kind of lurk in the shadows and we get days like this when by all rights we shouldn't. Of course, you could hardly see for all the fog in my neck of the woods until about 11 AM, but you can't have everything. 

Hopefully, he enjoyed the day all the same and the victory. 

Chalky White

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Don't let the January thaw fool you. February is going to be a bitch. The problem with warm weather like this is the cold will feel like you just started over from scratch when it finally comes back. My body had just gotten used to the cold where 35 degrees actually felt like an upgrade.


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"Too soon" into perpetuity.

You know there was a group known as "America First" who were vehemently against getting involved in the War in Europe in the late 1930s, led in part by Charles Lindbergh.
After seeing the remains of Auschwitz following WW2 he was very regretful he hadn't taken the situation in Europe more seriously and had spoken out frequently about the dangers of intervening.

We may be at a similar place in our history where actions not taken could reverberate in shocking ways - this time for the entire human race and other species that share the Blue Marble with us...


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Yes, and I very intentionally likened that joke to a holocaust joke, while carefully juxtaposing an American hero who spoke out against intervening in Europe only to find out too late just how wrong he'd been...

Just in case that entire thing went by without you quite catching that?


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however, just to retain balance and to assure I am not giving a false impression, this area has actually experienced a change in climate. My first year here was 2011 and that year and each succeeding year was exactly as described in International Living and more than earned the claim to having one of the three best climates in the world. Each day was a repeat of the one before as to weather, with temps ranging between the temps listed above, minus noticeable history and possibly one time throughout the course of the entire winter, I might need a hoodie for walks around town and from bar to bar. This year, however, the change was noticeable as there has only been one night I did not need outer wear. However. embracing a level of pride as close to that of our football team as I can imagine, I have decided against taking the easy route, packing up and returning to the shores of Lake Michigan. No, I remain steadfast in my determination and am going to stay through the entire winter. 


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Guess we'll have to Google Ajijiic, was it?
I don't have a clue what he's talking about, but guess whatever caused the end of the drought we're experiencing in NorCal has affected the weather in Ajijiic too?
And it doesn't make climate change less real.


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at their location. It's a small Mexican village in the state of Jalisco, where I spend the winter months. It is roughly 45 miles away from Guadalajara. It is surrounded on one side by a mountain range and on the other is Mexico's largest lake, Lago Chapala. Pronounciation is Ah'hee'heek and is the permanent residence of a fairly large number of expats from both the states and Canada. Many people like myself, however, use it as a winter residence. It is truly a beautiful little city that appeals greatly to artisans, but there is plenty of room for those that merely enjoy the friendly people, great weather and what appears to be a common bond in that the majority, both foreigners and locals, appreciate the importance of maintaining a somewhat regular drinking schedule. 

The peso has been taking a beatiing for the past couple of years with the conversion rate currently at 20 to one USD. Although that does benefit us Gringos as the rate would suggest, it's always been relatively inexpensive with the current cost of mixed drinks usually $2.00 and beer has held steady at roughly $1.25 for the past couple of years. The climate negates the need for either a furnace or A/C, and most rentals include electricity, a television set and free wi-fi. When you consider that you are not paying the over priced cost of internet, t.v., insurance for your vehicle should you decide to leave it in the states, free of fuel and maintenance costs as well. The most significant savings realized aret he costs of electric, natural gas and DirectTV. DirectTV, by the way, has been very good in allowing for temporary shut offs of up to six months. The combined savings, compared to the cost of living here basically allow for a full five to six months of ideal weather that even including air fare is a basic wash. If one wishes to cook inside the casa, cooking gas is provided in the rent as well, and refrain from drinking, you would realize a significant savings over a six month period. 

I first came down in 2011 to visit to see if it really was as nice as the online magazine made it appear. I was not disappointed at all and instead of deciding on locations as each winter nears, the decision to return here each winter was rather easy. I am not sure if you were serious about Googling it, but if interested in nice, safe areas, free of both resort prices and resort people, the sheer beauty you cannot help but appreciate in your search is very difficult to match. I would not recommend it for a short vacation of anything less than a mofnth because to really appreciate this small village, requires becoming familiar with the locals as well as fellow escapees. For any of you of retirement age and looking for an escape from MI winters,I have not found a location I prefer more. The Baja offers some options and San Felipe is an up and coming city offering an exciting night life. The extreme heat, however, made it an easy disqualification for me as anything other than a place to visit from time to time. There is definitely an addictive quality present here and most people who visit for winters only normally return as soon as the weather begins to change. I use The Game as a target date. 


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i prosecuted back in the day, where we had to get a witness to come to socal from guadalajara.   bet my investigator $50 that he couldn't get a witness from there to come back to the states to testify in this assassination case.  i lost the bet and the bad guy lost the trial.  a win all the way around. 


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but the court of appeals knocked it down to a second based upon insufficiency of evidence.  dude's name (and he had a lot) was bustamonte gutierrez.  happened in a bar near lemon street in anaheim.   was an assassination with a .45, single shot through the heart, also splitting the victim's spine.  crime scene photos were different at least in my eyes because the body didn't lay quite normal due to the severed spine.  no paramedic assistance, no electrodes, dead on scene, as we used to say, 'he stayed where he laid, game over.'

it was a 9 or 10 yr old case at the time we got it to trial.  my investigator at the DA's office was the same detective who had worked the case as an APD detective so we had some institutional memory that was very helpful.  he's the one i ended up paying the $50.   i would call down to the witness' little pueblo and you never know who would answer the phone.  i would ask for the witness and foks were real nice and would go get him, they would simply leave the phone off the hook and it might be hours before the dude got on the line.  it was of great assistance that i was/am a spanish speaker.   fun case, as murders go. 


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for the hockey team because so many people had made comments about returning to 'pre red' days.   i was wondering if people would be interested in that.  to be clear, i barely got to play but value the experience immeasurably.   there were about 4 of us that basically you'd have to have been there back in the '80's to find us.   things were different back then. 

oh yeah, i'm not the guy who neg'd you. 

Bo Nederlander

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That kid is a brick shit-house. I'm so glad he's still on board. Let's hope it stays that way. Would have been nice to keep Dillon too, especially now that Najee is a no-go.


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Although he would have presented the same unanswered questions that Samuels brings due to inferior competition, what I saw on tape seemed to be an ideal fit for a Harbaugh offense. Realizing none of our RBs will contribute as much as possible until the OL gains stability and becomes close to the type that Harbaugh is use to fielding. With that said, Dillon, controversial in many respects, starting with significant differences in how he is viewed by those paid to determine his potential and probable level of contribution, does however, possess a skill set very similar to one of Harbaugh's best, actually best  at the  collegiate level, Toby Gerhart. If the measureables are close to a true reflection, Dillon is similar in both size and speed, and although looking no further than Ty Isaacs not all big backs are eager to utilize their full arsenal. What is unquestioned is he drew interests from some of the best programs in the country of which MI is a member. Those RBs who distinguish themselves as proven power runners possess more than mere size, strength and speed;. They also understand the importance of and either through an innate gift or through countless repitions of correct execution, they are capable of setting defenders up in order that their power will prove the difference more often than not. Having the benefit of an outstanding offensive line, Toby understood completely how to take full advantage. Exhibiting necessary patience, he would not force the issue, but when that sliver of daylight was spotted, both his timing and cut upfield were done to pefection. Once he cleared that initial hurdle, he was at top end quickly and in so doing created a mismatch in  his favor and presented a significant challenge to smaller dbs tasked with bringing him to the ground.  Dillon claims he made the decision that was best for him, and its impossible to argue. He saw and didn't like the very real possibility of waiting to see significant PT whereas at BC, it is all but guaranteed.  There is no doubt he distinguished himself in h.s. with incredible stats, but really proved little because in most cases it was a man vs. boys competition. This is, obviously, the reason for the degree of flucuation in his rankings. He will see that early PT, but I think he really needs time in the weight room before he even becomes close to the effectiveness he displayed in h.s. Hope, purely for his sake, I am wrong and he enjoys immediate success. His decision was not due to being "The Man." It was one a majority of players his age would have made. Because after seeing his film, I envisioned a Gerhart like presence in our backfield, but realized it would be the result of a project and probably not realized until his third year in the program. Regardless, as with all young men of this age, nothing but the best of luck.