So now that we know the matchups, how far do you have Michigan going?

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Have them losing to Florida in the Elite 8.  We know what this team is capable of, but dare we put them too far in our brackets and add insult to injury in the case of a loss?


Any other upsets/cinderellas?  I've got KState in the Final Four and Louisville winning it all.



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To Florida.  Their ability to make 3s is what will doom Michigan.  I also had UNC upset Kansas in the 2nd round.  UNC is one of the hottest team and Kansas is just unfortunate to draw UNC in the next round as a potential matchup.


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Not sure why everyone is really worried about VCU, I know they're pressure D but I feel like press D like that will allow us to run, which is when our game is our best.


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I feel like many on this board (and in the media) are taking their turnover margin as them having a great defense.  VCU lives and dies on forcing turnovers, and with the exception of the MSU game, UM simply does not turn the ball over.  As most know, the tournament is all about matchups and I think UM got pretty lucky with their forecasted matchups all the way to the Elite 8.  I believe UM matches up very well with SDSU, VCU, and Kansas, but not so much with Georgetown.  I have Michigan losing to Georgetown in the Elite 8.


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also, the Full-court press is nearly impossible unless you make your shots.  If VCU can't produce on offense, they can't stop a transition team with their pressure if said transition team doesn't need to inbound.  

A half court press?  I think Trey can do fine almost single-handedly in getting across midcourt.  


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as far as they should go, IMO, which is the Sweet 16.  I just do not see them going any further than that based off their last 12 games.


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I have reached the point where I predict nothing. I have been crushed too many times over the last month to allow for positive outcomes. If they happen, great,

On a purely intellectual level, on a good day, we can play with anyone, at least if Indiana is the gold standard, but who knows what team will show up?


March 18th, 2013 at 4:34 PM ^

After that...who knows who will be left? I give Michigan even odds against Kansas...Probably even odds every matchup after that. Don't really see the handwringing over VCU....You really think they're going to turn Trey over? Pessimistic is Sweet 16, optimistic is elite 8, nobody would be surprised if Michigan won it all.

You guys seem to think NCAA officiating is even lazier than B1G officiating. Got news for you: Nobody allows more holding, grabbing and pushing than the B1G. Other B1G teams are going to have to adjust to that, while Michigan has been playing low-contact throughout. GR3 is not going to believe how EASY it is to get to the rim. How much more effective Beilein's offense will be.


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Las Vegas Hilton SuperBook:

Louisville: 9-2

Indiana: 7-1

Duke: 8-1

Florida: 8-1

Miami: 8-1

Kansas: 10-1

Gonzaga: 12-1

Ohio State: 15-1

Michigan State: 18-1

Michigan: 18-1

Georgetown: 18-1

Louisville 19/4

Indiana 5/1

Florida 7/1

Gonzaga 10/1

Kansas 10/1

Duke 12/1

Miami Florida 14/1

Ohio State 16/1

Georgetown 18/1

Michigan State 18/1

Michigan 22/1

New Mexico 22/1


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I seem to remember a team that you don't seem to think has a chance coming back pretty well against your team on the road and beating them in Crisler. Wisconsin is playing well. they held you guys to 50 points...Think they led for a good bit of the game. Didn't PSU beat them in Madison? Basketball is a crazy game. I wouldn't be surprised if OSU won it all either.


March 18th, 2013 at 5:44 PM ^

As has been mentioned here before, anyone who dismisses the effect of B1G officiating on wins and losses should look at Wisconsin's conference record this year versus their OOC record (or tourney performance last 5 years).

Since Michigan is pretty much opposite Wisconsin (both in style and OOC success versus conference record), the officiating differences should help them.


March 18th, 2013 at 6:05 PM ^

Wisconsin's record in the NCAA's is almost exactly what you'd expect it to be, if not slightly exceeding expectations, both during Ryan's tenure at large and in the last 5 years. Since Ryan took over, they've made the tournament every year, have only lost in the first round once, have made 5 Sweet 16s and 1 elite 8. 3 of those Sweet 16s are in the last 5 years and they haven't lost in the 1st round during that time.

Their OOC struggles this year can be attributed to Bruesewitz being hurt, Gasser being lost for the year, and having to break in a new point guard after that guy who was their star last year graduated (the nature of being a star on a Bo Ryan team is that no one can remember your name when you're gone. Bruesewitz, we'll remember. And Brust. Fuck him.)


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I have them beating both Kansas and Florida to make it to the Final Four to play Indiana where I cant decide if they win or not. Its hard to see Michigan losing a 3rd time with the way the last 2 games went being close losses and this one on a neutral site.


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It's a Final Four of Indiana, Duke, Michigan and Saint Louis with Michigan beating Saint Louis for the National Championship.  Good enough guess as anyone's.

C Tron

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I have them beating Indiana in the Final Four, then defeating OSU in the NCG.  If everything plays out like I think it will, this will be the best tourney ever.


March 18th, 2013 at 5:14 PM ^

This team should get to the second week.  After that, anything can happen.  I would project Kansas to be the next opponent, and they aren't exactly an easy game.  As for Florida, I think UCLA will emerge from the bottom half of the bracket.    Michigan vs UCLA for a trip to the final four would have the potential of being an epic game.



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but what the crap do I know. I hope they they make it to the Elite 8, I hope I am wrong of course and that they win it all, but they are so damn unpredictable and I fear the VCU defense. On the other hand, they are a way better team than VCU and could make Shaka look foolish???

I think Louisville will win...but then again, I truly think there are about 10 teams that could win it.



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But my brain says ?????

I can't ever remember any Michigan team with such a large variance in what could reasonably be expected.  I wouldn't be shocked if they went out in the 1st weekend, but a Final game appearance would not be a complete surprise either.

Going match-up by match-up, assuming a Thursday win, I see every other potential opponent as a 3pt or less spread.

I'll say final game, beating Indiana in the semi-final, losing to Louisville in the final.


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The real question, god forbid,  what happens if we lose in Auburn Hills? Does Beilein start to get heat for not winning more than one game in the b10 Tourney and  going out in early in the Big Dance primarily because jump shooting teams that don't play lock down defense are generally not successful in tournaments? 

814 East U

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I have Syracuse beating IU in the elite 8...I'm playing odds of everyone having IU going to the title game

Michigan loses to Gtown in the elite 8

Michigan Arrogance

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I think there's reason to think M can go far.. they have been ranked #1 this year, are the top 4 seed, and the only one outside of the 1 and 2 seeds to be ranked #*1. Probably should be a 3 seed. POTY at the point. Consistently no TOs, rarely in foul trouble. Forgiving bracket, with a weak 1 in KU and GT as a historically weak Tourney team. Destiny awaits IU and M in the FF.


*Florida is a strong 3, but hey... you gotta beat SOME good teams on the way to the title game!