So my wife shocked me today and asked how she could learn more about football ...

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She has seen plenty of games, but thinks a linebacker is just a big player.  She doesn't want me to spend hours "teaching" her, she gets annoyed with me too easily, and she would get too bored with a "Football for Dummies" book.  Would the best thing be to get a PS3 or XBox 360 and then have her play NCAA 11?  Not even sure that would work, but at least I could play it!  So what is the easiest way to have someone learn the nuances of the game, but make it fun?



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This is a great idea, but as a female who has been watching football since she was 6, I get really annoyed when I watch the game with other females or *gasp* other non-football following males and they ask questions about it. I usually just want them to shut the hell up so I can pay attention to the game. Its probably why I end up watching the games by myself a lot...


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^ agreed, if she actually wants to know, she'll ask the questions, such as why you are proclaiming the next Space Emperor after a couple Michigan punts


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If she's hot she can come to my place, and I'll teach her about ball security, tight ends, tackling inside the box, scoring drives, muffing the ball, staying in the pocket, receiving in the backfield, taking a knee, slot receivers, being a good ball carrier, the four-point stance, live balls, and man coverage.  You know, just to give her a feel for the game.


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You are a lucky man. I know whereof I speak: my much better half hails from Mississippi, where SEC football is a religion. In her younger days she made it to Ole Miss games at almost every SEC stadium, not to mention the games in Oxford, where tailgating is a laughably inadequate term to describe the awesome sophistication of gameday partying.

Now she's exiled to the NE and stuck with a maniacal Michigan fan. But she really gets into the games if they're close. She's not much into Xs and Os, but she endures my amateurish analysis like a champ. She also has a remarkable ability to take one look at a play under review and almost always make the right call.

I know how fortunate I am to have a wife who not only tolerates but participates in my football obsession. Sounds like your wife is on the right track. One thing I don't think anybody's mentioned: try watching a game with her where you don't care who wins. Then let her ask questions and you can explain things rationally, without spraying any spittle or throwing Ro-Tel-based foodstuffs at the TV.

Kalamazoo Blue

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I suggest buying her a copy of Hail to the Victors 2010 (Maple Street Press). Start her out with "The Evolution of the Offense" (pp. 109-116). When she's comfortable with that material she can advance to "Back in Time: Unearthing the roots of the 3-3-5" (pp. 76-82).

If she asks you for additional reading, I'm not sure what to recommend next. But you would have the satisfaction of knowing that you've married a wonderful lady.

(I'm kinda serious about "The Evolution of the Offense" article. It would be a fun and informative read for a football newby.)


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No kids, and a TON of sex. I don't understand why you have to axe this question. Sex is the answer to everything. Always has been, always will be.

da shiz

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I think coach Rod and his wife Rita started a program that teaches women how to play football. It's a shame it's only for women, I would love to meet the coaches in person.

It's like a one day thing sometime in the spring.


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The way most people learn the game is by playing, so try approaching it in that manner. Not literally signing her up for a flag football team (unless she really wants to) but start by explaining what the offense is trying to do and why, explain scoring if she doesn't get that, talk about downs, then explain the defense. Don't go crazy, just cover the basics. Then talk about plays, schemes, rules, etc, watch at least a quarter or so of a game and let her ask any questions.

If you have younger kids or relatives' kids who play football, they're normally at a slow enough pace to explain and grasp easier.

FWIW I haven't played NCAA 2011 yet, but I love football and have adequate knowledge of the game, but hated 2010 because that was the first game I played on the 360. I kept mixing up buttons and epic failing and I'm a really competitive person so I hated losing and hated being allowed to win. I actually thought it was boring because I'd rather watch a  game. If I'm playing xbox I want to be killing some Nazi zombies with a flamethrower, at least until the level where the flamethrower stops being useful. HOWEVA, if you think she'd genuinely like to play with you and wouldn't get pissed either when you beat her (and vice versa) or as you slowly get addicted to it, might as well.


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First you give her a big hug, then tell her, "The best way to learn about football is to be at the game." That's your in for a couple of tickets to the Big House. I took the wife last year, she was awestruck when she walked into the stadium.  We're going again this year.


  That was over the top great!!


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I got a txt from my housemate asking me to explain a 3-4 defense today cause her beloved Redskins are switching to it.  Took me two texts to get it all across.


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I have to say that I have a very ideal situation. My wife doesn't understand football and doesn't have any real desire to understand it. She came to a game with me last year and did her best to pretend like she knew what was going on, but in all honesty she simply followed my lead. When we are at home watching she knows that I refuse to get up whenever UM is playing and that her place is anywhere that isn't in front of the tv. The kids typically hang out in their  rooms and watch tv but now that the boy is getting older he is showing real interest in football. My wife knows that after the game is over, and I am watching another game then she can come in and vaccuum or whatever it is that she does.  On OSU week she takes the kids and goes to her mom's so that I can watch without any distractions. Damn I have to say I really love, old,,,, what's,,,,,,,, her face.