So much for MSU owning state

Submitted by diclemeg on August 20th, 2009 at 11:48 AM

So now its two years in a row, that we have the top state recruit in William Campbell, and now Devin Gardner, who recently moved ahead of Gholston. ALOT in the press has been made of Dantonio and MSU taking the lead in state recruiting. Coach Rod is now 2 for 2.

Who is predicted to be the 2011 top state recruit ?



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I LIKE the idea of in-state games between the Michigan schools. But I should also say that it is predicated upon the directional michigan teams being decent. Western has been. Central used to be. Eastern has never been.
I like the idea of keeping some of the money in-state.

But it also doesn't make sense for a 60k?80?(don't know, don't care) stadium to go unused so that team can go play in a 20k stadium in-state.

The Duke of Di…

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It doesn't matter. You kids can sit in your ivory tower and pretend to be grads of Michigan and crow about getting the "top ranked" player by a bunch of HS Football watching nerds all you want - it's PERCEPTION that matters. In my PERCEPTION, which you can't challenge because it's right because I'm a MAN and you aren't, MSU is getting more in-state players.

The actual on-field results or talent of these players is IRRELEVANT. It only matters that the PERCEPTION is that Godriguez is getting owned by Dantonio in-state recruiting wise, and that is the current perception. We are losing the culture war to MSU. Deal with it.

The Duke of Di…

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Why, a little too real for you? A little too much truth? I've been to jail, buddy. I can hurt people. You don't know shit. I've been paying JUCO tuition bills, serving burgers, banging fat women, beating kids, and fixing up vans longer than you've been alive, junior.

How do I know you aren't one of those stupid WLA kidz?


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Dude, I can picture you with a wife-beater on sporting 3 day old stubble and smelly, filmy cigarette-beer breath! Where did it go wrong?
I will say this about your 'preception' assessment that we do have to put a halt to Dantonio's progress over at E. Lansing. Most of his pedigree has been anti-Michigan and he is darkly motivated to put us down in a big way. I fear he will elevate the MSU program to heights not seen since the Munn/Daugherty eras.

He must be stopped.


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after the reading a few of the duke's posts I am unimpressed. He is obviously a troll/act or something of that nature.

Now Mcfarlin, that guy was genius. I could never tell if he was really that stupid or if he a person of heightened intellect who was just toying with the Mgoblog community.

I would specifically read his topics just to see an intellectual force(most people) smash against unbreakable stupidity.

gnarles woodson

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perception isn't reality. Godriguez? Dantonio is the one being portrayed as the new god of the state of Michigan. The on field talent is IRRELEVANT? That is the dumbest thing I have read on this site yet. Perception is for losers like you who want to judge before you let facts get in the way. IF Dantonio's recruits PLAY better than Rich Rod's recruits, then you can say he is dominating Rich Rod, not before. If Sparty is okay with taking in state players who are less talented than the out of state kids that Michigan brings in, more power to them. I prefer winning.

The Duke of Di…

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The Barking Sphincter was (unjustly) banned from this site for speaking to the reality of Michigan one too many times. It's like putting a man in jail for pointing out that your wife is fat. If she is fat, then what's the problem?

Or it's like the time the cops kept following me because I'd park my van in playgrounds and not wear pants. Is that, alone, a crime? I don't think so.

If you are insinuating that I'm The Barking Sphincter, and that I'm so fixated on getting a hard on from taunting you kidz that I'd make a new email and account to get around a ban, well, I'm sorry to disappoint you. My classes take up too much time for me to do that. I've been in school 6 years and I'm almost certified to teach gym to elementary students - why would I put that off to come mess with you kool-aid guzzling panda fuckers?

West Texas Blue

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Hmm, so let me get this straight. Most Michigan fans claim to dismiss MSU, treating them like their nothing, brushing them off supposedly, and only focusing on ND and OSU. Yet people on this blog, a Michigan blog, continue to bring up stuff on MSU on a borderline obsessive scale. Why all the posts on MSU? Maybe I missed something. Let's face it; most Michigan fans obsess about MSU and its program as much as MSU fans obsess about Michigan and its program. Maybe it's a thing with only people from state of Michigan; I didn't grow up in Michigan so really don't care about MSU that much.


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your comment "most Michigan fans obsess about MSU and its program as much as MSU fans obsess about Michigan and its program" is completely FALSE. nearly all MSU fans obsess about UofM, and UofM fans obsess about OSU, but are recently taken aback by the "perception" that MSU and Dantonio is owning the state. Until this "perception" is shown not to be reality, then you will hear musings about it here. But do not confuse it with UofM "obsessing" about MSU.

West Texas Blue

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To the OP:
So how far ahead is Gardner ahead of Gholston? Let's look at the 3 major recruiting services.

Gardner #39 overall
Gholston #40 overall

Gardner #171 overall
Gholston #53 overall

Gardner #117 overall
Gholston #33 overall

So one site has Gardner over Gholston, and it's by a super big difference of..... one place. I don't put too much stock in recruiting ratings, so let's just agree that Michigan got a great QB in Gardner, and MSU did a nice job of landing a great DE prospect in Gholston. Congrats to both teams, time to move on.


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Depends on what he means by don't matter. On the micro-level, say, they are both 5 star recruit (which now they apparently are), I could see the rankings not really meaning much. On the macro-level of this guy is a low four, this guy is a mid to high five, then your comment on countless studies would suffice.


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I was looking at some past Michigan recruit rankings the other day. It seems as if what MSU is doing is not to take away recruits from Michigan, but to keep out-of-state schools from plundering the talent. So what Sparty is doing isn't necessarily triumphing over Michigan, but over the USCs and Notre Dames of the world. For example, in 2007, all of the top 6 from Michigan went to out-of-state schools. You have to get to #10 before you see a UM commit. (it seems like our dropoff in instate recruiting started before Carr left). But in 2009, 12 of the top 13 stayed at UM or MSU. So far in 2010, there are two guys out of the top 11 committed out-of-state, 2 undecided, and 7 UM or MSU commits.