So in light of the Press Conference

Submitted by bouje on October 12th, 2009 at 12:45 PM

Who feels pretty stupid for saying that RR was stupid for keeping Denard in for the last series?

You have no idea what happens on the sidelines and you have to trust that the coach who is getting paid more than (I'm just going to make a wild guess here) anyone on this board knows what he is doing. This doesn't mean that he should never be questioned but his knows his players more than us and obviously noticed that something was up with Tate.


The King of Belch

October 12th, 2009 at 12:50 PM ^

Did you not read the part where RODRIGUEZ DIDN'T KNOW Forcier had a concussion when he put Robinson in?

And if he knew something was up, why all the bitching? Why would he be bitching at a guy if "something was up"?

No, I don't feel bad for thinking it was a mistake to put Robinson in. To be honest with you, at that juncture in the game, Sheridan was the better choice.

The King of Belch

October 12th, 2009 at 1:04 PM ^

One play, one pass, BOOM GAMEOVER.

You need 60 or so yards, and you either put a true freshmen in there who has very little meaningful game experience at QB, and less success, or you go with a guy who has a whole season under his belt and has been in the system for over one year.

1:40 to go, no timeouts---I'd have taken my chances with Sheridan. It was a white flag, and since he didn't KNOW Forcier was injured (not buying the OP "something was up")--well, just a bad move all the way around.

Go ahead and try something: just try saying this: "Rodriguez made a mistake"--do it! Free your mind and soul! Everything is NOT the players' faults! The Mighty Godriguez is NOT infallible!

Rodriguez made a mssstruuu Rodriguez mmmmadddjjj msttoiooo


There ya go.


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The freshman that made the mistake had just led the offense in a TD scoring drive. Basically after the fact, you are now saying that since Denard threw the pick, we should have played with Sheridan because the worse he could do was throw a pick also...nothing to lose. I would give you credit if you would state your case about Forcier playing, but not for Sheridan. If Sheridan were more capable than Denard, he'd be option no.2 at QB to begin with.

david from wyoming

October 12th, 2009 at 1:11 PM ^

So if you though RichRod made a mistake by having Denard as the qb on the last drive, what do you think about the second to last drive? You know, the one where Denard got the offense to score a touchdown. Is that a mistake too and should Sheridan have been in for that drive?

We just needed a field goal to win the game. We didn't need 60 yards for a shot to win the game.

Rodriguez made a mistake with calling timeouts during the game, but I'm just fine with him playing Denard at the end of the game. I know Rodriguez is only human and will make mistake, this is not one of them.

I stand by my statement that you are a farking idiot.

The King of Belch

October 12th, 2009 at 1:20 PM ^

Robinson's TD drive featured one pass--a short five yard out (IIRC). He ostensibly RAN the ball down the field and/or handed it off. AND that drive killed a lot of time.

Under the conditions of the last drive--sorry, ya gotta put your team in the best position to win the game.

I'm as hopeful as anyone that Robinson turns into the next Pat White--but he has not shown in any way that he is ready to lead this team; Tate has (and it bugs the hell out of me to see him criticised so much after one bad game).

We KNOW Tate is Thee Anomaly as a freshman. Denard--not so much.

Rodriguez made a mistake.


October 12th, 2009 at 1:12 PM ^

Who's line this year is:

David Cone 0 2 0 0.0 0.00 0 0 0.0
Nick Sheridan 0 2 0 0.0 0.00 0 1 -100.0

Makes me think that he is a much better option than Denard Robinson who had just led us on a TD drive (this is completely ignoring his play last year). Ya know what why don't we put in Cone he has the most experience of any QB on the team! Why isn't he starting!



October 12th, 2009 at 1:12 PM ^

1 dropped Warren interception ... BOOM GAMEOVER.

1 muffed punt ... BOOM GAMEOVER.

1 Minor fumble ... BOOM GAMEOVER.

1 tate INT, fumble, stumble ... BOOM GAMEOVER.

1 missed Graham sack ... BOOM GAMEOVER.

2 missed coverages on the TE ... BOOM GAMEOVER.

We did NOT lose the game because of that interception.


October 12th, 2009 at 1:20 PM ^

This is true... to an extent.

The reason people pile on this one int is because it is DIRECTLY responsible for us losing the game. No one knows what would have happened had one of those previous events not transpired. I suppose we can also say that had that interception not been thrown we still don't know what would have happened on the ensuing plays.

That's the whole problem. People want (sometimes NEED if they're really pathetic) a single scapegoat they can blame the loss on so they don't have to accept the fact that the WHOLE TEAM had the opportunity to win this game. It's much easier to tell a hostile friend that "Meh, we should have won that game, but player X made mistake Y at ZZ:ZZ minutes to go in the game." than it is to say, "Yeah, our team botched that game."


October 12th, 2009 at 1:24 PM ^

I agree, I was just responding to the "one play, one pass ... BOOM GAMOVER" by TKOB. I agree people like to blame 1 player, especially the last big play ... I was just saying that anything could have happened differently to turn the tide of that game, or any 2 point game.


October 12th, 2009 at 1:29 PM ^

Exactly. And who's to say that Tate wouldn't have gone in and thrown to the fifth replication of his receiver that he could see and impaled a peanut salesman six rows up in the stands. Second guessing decisions after the fact is fine, but saying the results would definitely have been different is asinine.


October 12th, 2009 at 12:59 PM ^

Now that you said Sheridan would have been the better choice, it's case closed!

BTW, he was "bitching" at Tate before he might have felt something was up. When he must have realized Tate was not quite into the game for some reason, he made his move. What more do you want?


October 12th, 2009 at 1:47 PM ^

So everyone's piling on this guy, but an argument can definitely be made that if you're in a position where you MUST throw the ball downfield and Forcier is absolutely not available (for whatever reason), Sheridan is a better choice than Robinson. In case you haven't noticed, Denard has not had too much success throwing the ball so far:

15 att, 7 comp, 87 yards, 0 TD, 3 INT

Now I have NO IDEA what was going on with Forcier at the end of the game. I originally assumed he was hurt. Then it sounded like he was just benched. Now we hear that he sustained a mild concussion, but nobody knew it at the time.

In any case, I am willing to give the coach the benefit of the doubt, but Rod should not be above criticism for this move. Hell, Brian pretty much said the exact same thing in his post.


October 12th, 2009 at 1:01 PM ^

A couple things on that. 1- Maybe RR actually did know but didn't want to say that he knew in order to build Denard's confidence and make it seem like he jut chose to put in DR over Tate. Does it really matter what his reasoning for it was? He chose DR and it would make sense, to me, if he made a little white lie to build up DR. If he says "the only reason I put in DR was because Tate's head was all sorts of fucked up. Normally Tate is in there" then that isn't going to help Denard one bit.

2- maybe he didn't know exactly that he had a concussion, but maybe he knew Tate wasn't alright due to how he was playing and the look in his eyes?

3- maybe he liked the drive that Denard had before the final one?

4- maybe he is the head coach and went with his gut?

5- maybe he was bitching because, ya know, Tate wasn't playing well?

6- Sheridan is never the better choice.


October 12th, 2009 at 1:19 PM ^

So what if he didn't know Tate was concussed. He had enough to work with in what he DID know. Namely, that Tate had been slow at the line on two series, had caused a delay of game on the second one, was not making the correct reads, and was just generally not playing like his usual self.

I saw RR yelling at him before sending D.Rob out there, but not afterward, even when Tate got confused and tried to run on the field on the last series. RR just calmly him back and gave him a pat.

So who cares if RR had the medical readouts for Tate or not. He made an in-game decision based on what he knew. It resulted in a close loss, but I'd say given the situation it gave the team the best chance to win.