So, if I were Mark Sanchez,

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and I had led the Jets to a playoff win (on the road), I'd work into the interview that perhaps SC head coach Pete Carroll wasn't quite ready for the NFL,; he might need one more year to be ready. Just sayin'.

FWIW, I'm not Mark Sanchez.



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Well actually right now I'm bored at work, and once I get home I have a bunch of aero homework to finish, and I may go out for sushi tonight, not sure yet.

And PS: I'm not bitter, just didn't know if there were attractive Jets fans.
It's not like I was crying into my cornflakes over the fact that the Giants didn't get another game to humiliate themselves in this season.

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Excellent, I was going to say something snide about Matt Leinart spending more time with a playbook and less with high school chicks, but his is way better.


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The Jets made it to the playoffs because of their defense and their running game. Mark Sanchez threw 20+ interceptions this year. He wasn't necessarily ready for the NFL - he just happened to end up with the right team.


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Yeah, he played like a rookie but Carroll was wrong about him. He was a top 5 pick and wasn't a liability for the Jets. I wonder how much of Carrol's opinion was influenced by what he thought was best for Mark Sanchez vs. what he thought was best for Pete Carroll. The Trojans would have had a much better season this year if Sanchez had been back. That wasn't swimming around in Carroll's mind at all, was it?


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He wasn't a liability? The kid threw 20 INTs. The Jets won despite his QB play, not because of it. Joey Harrington could have played them into the playoffs (okay, that might be a stretch).

Carroll has encouraged other players to enter the draft. He didn't encourage that for Sanchez. Maybe part of it was selfishness, but that doesn't mean he was wrong.


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Fair enough but how many teams can claim that they win because of their QB play rather than in spite of it? Colts, Patriots, Saints, gets pretty dicey after that though maybe there are 1 or 2 others.

Sanchez played just fine for a rookie and was a top 5 pick. At the time he declared he was looking to be competing with McCoy, Tebow, Bradford, Snead, and potentially Locker, in this year's draft. Sanchez made the right call especially in light of hindsight.

The main thrust on my point is this: Carroll's stats were reasonably correct, in general a QB is better off if they start more than 1 season in college with 3 seasons being best. However, when he talks about raising value, saying Sanchez would be a second round pick, and Sanchez ends up being a top 5 pick...he's flat wrong about that. It's virtually impossible to improve a top 10 draft position and when you consider that Sanchez played like a typical rookie anyway, the value added by an additional year for him specifically is marginal.

Just my opinion but I think that advice was given largely out of self interest not the altruistic concern it was veiled in.


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seems like an understatement to me. It is very likely that PC knew what had in the stables for QB play, was pissed that Sanchez was leaving him with a true FR QB and Mitch Mustain to choose from, and couldn't keep his composure once he realized he was very likely going from a shot at another MNC to the Emerald Nut Bowl. It seemed to me like he was lashing out in anger and just couldn't keep his composure - total bush league and dickish.

What I can't believe is that it didn't seem to hurt him recruiting wise very much. I would be very cautious to play for a coach that is willing to very publicly throw me under the bus to suit his ego.


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Sanchez hasn't thrown a pick in something like 4 out of his last 5 games.

The Jets got more than "lucky" to make the playoffs down the stretch - the kid has picked up his game and looked GREAT yesterday.

Perhaps Carroll was right that he wasn't ready, because the earlier season results would suggest that. However, he has grown as the season has gone on and just won a playoff game.


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I don't think I said the Jets got lucky. I said they won despite Sanchez's play, not because of it. They're not lucky - they have a good running game and a great defense.

Sanchez's QB rating this year was 63.0, which ranks just BEHIND Brady Quinn and slightly ABOVE Matt Stafford. In his last six wins as a starter, he hasn't thrown the ball more than 19 times. He's only thrown for 200+ yards four times, and 3 of those 4 were losses. Down the stretch, the Jets coaching staff realized that if they let Sanchez throw the ball a lot, he would throw a ton of interceptions and they would lose. So they started throwing the ball fewer than 20 times per game.


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He's like Stafford, future franchise potential. Despite Rex Ryan's bombast I don't think he sees his team as a Super Bowl contender. He has his defense in lockdown mode, but the offense is still a work in progress.

Really getting Sanchez some post season exprience and proving the defense can play in Jan is a great season for the Jets. Give Sanchez another off season and then expect the Super Bowl run.


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I would shave that half-assed mustache lest people start calling me "Dirty Sanchez"

I mean, seriously. He's just begging for it with that thing.