so - I see a lot of Junior / Community College signings - not allowed at Michigan?

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or just frowned upon?


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Chalky White

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It isn't hard for JC kids to qualify. It's hard to get JC kids to go to class long enough to get an Associates degree. I transferred to Michigan from OCC with an Associates in Liberal Arts or some shot like that. It isn't hard. If you take functional courses at a community college, you will be fine. That isn't the case with most of these idiots. They can't see the forest for the trees. A couple of classes will earn you the opportunity to get a free education at a world class institution.


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I looked into transfering to Michigan, back in 2000, from an out of state community college. Admissions said the track I was on was fine and as long as I met the GPA requirements I'd have been accepted. So not sure what you're talking about, unless they no longer take out of state community college credits.

Chalky White

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I transferred in the 90s. I didn't have anything close to a 3.95. I don't think I was even close to a 2.95. I realistically didn't become a functional student until I was in grad school. To answer the guy a couple of posts above, anyone who can turn off the TV (or cellphone) long enough to read the assigned material can transfer to Michigan. 


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The athletes that are struggling to be eligible are not going after 30+ ACT, they are trying to clear a minimum score hurdle that is probably low to mid 20's.  Non-athletes need to get an ACT above 30 to have a chance in competing vs other top students, but athletes need to clear the minimum score/grade bar.


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Russell Shaw and Austin Panter. I think they were both JUCO guys. 

No, we don't take very many. In fact, those two are the only ones that come to mind on a cursory probe of my memories and Shaw was there when I was at Michigan in the mid-90s.

Mr Miggle

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This subject has been discussed a number of times here. Basically, it's hard to get transfers through admissions at Michigan. That's particularly true when they weren't academically qualified coming out of HS. Good students can go the JuCo route and get into Michigan, but they need to take classes that will be accepted. Michigan and California JuCos have little trouble with that. Unfortunately, there isn't much JuCo football in Michigan.

Baseball is different because it's very hard to get a full ride scholarship to a four year school. They are almost all partial scholarships. JuCos can give out more full rides and so attract a lot of players they wouldn't in other sports, players who don't have academic issues. After two years, those players have to move on.


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I believe whenever the this comes up, the consensus is usually that there is no rule against it, but UofM admissions is very selective about which credits transfer. this makes it extremely hard for players to transfer in.

East German Judge

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Not really as John Cooper says Hi, but he believed in the academic philosphy of a fellow bucknut....

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And oh boy the way, for those who do not know what business did his daddy help him and his brother start???  Seems perfectly fitting for them.

Oh yeah, 8/23/98 Chicago Tribune....

Lots of people with nothing better to do are holding their collective breath in Columbus, Ohio, all because a certain All-American linebacker is taking three summer-school courses that will determine whether he can play college football this season.
Ohio State star Andy Katzenmoyer is tackling golf, music and AIDS awareness, separately of course.



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A cautionary tale. Cover of SI and All-American honors. He did pass and was taken in the 1st round by the NE Patriots in 1999 draft. He hurt his neck in the first year, and ended missing a big part of 2000. By 2001, he had something wrong still in his neck and was on injured reserve before finally getting released in 2002. He never finished his degree from tOSU.


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Didn't have money for college so for cost savings, not wanting to be too deep in student loan debt,  I went to a local community college before attending a university (not Michigan). I had 60+ credits (and no debt) that I earned at CC that I was transferring over. 

Not that I could afford it but just for fun cause it had been a dream of mine, I had the counsler pull how many of my credits would be eligble to transfer to Michigan. The answer....4. Literally one class I took at CC was eligible to transfer. The only math class at the entire CC that was eligible for transfer was the highest level of calculus (which you had to take 3-5 classes prior to reach that level). No idea if I would have even been accepted, but it would have basically been starting my degree over. 

Not sure how directly this aligns with athletics and the fact we rarely if ever has Junior and CC transfers, but just a data point of how difficult it is. 


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To my understanding this is the real issue with JC transfers to Michigan. Most of their credits won't transfer, so they would come in with two years of eligibility left but have freshman academic standing.  That leaves them with no chance of graduating before their scholarship runs out.