So hoping for a big year next year

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I just got home from watching the Thursday night game with three friends who went to State.  Before the season two of them bet me and another Michigan guy dinner at the Capital Grill that the Wolverines wouldn't make a bowl this season.  I was really looking forward to tonight, since the dinner bet has already been sewn up.

This visit was miserable.  They spent three hours telling me how the spread won't work in the Big Ten (BTW- Auburn and Oregon are overrated and wouldn't be undefeated in the Big Ten).  The 3-3-5 defense won't work against the physical lines in the Big Ten.  We are a one trick pony with Denard.  And we haven't beaten State in the two major sports in over 1200 days.

I almost want to put State in their place more than I want to beat OSU.  I hope we can entice Casteel to join us next season.  I truly believe he could take the talent we have, employ the 3-3-5 scheme the right way, and make us a formidible defense next season.

I have to see these guys again tonight although tonight's group will also include five Michigan guys (too bad none are MgoBloggers so they aren't very well informed) so at least I will have some support.

Sorry to vent (this site is really like a sanctuary for Michigan fans right now), I am so sick of not being on top.  I am "All In", I just hope it doesn't take too much longer.



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I got free food. My friends are dumb. I want to beat Michigan State. I hope we hire a good defensive coordinator. Some of my friends are smart. Some of my friends are dumb. I like winning.



Do I have that right?


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Thank you for putting this in perspective.

I spend so much time on this site sometimes speaking to non-MgoBlogger can be infuriating.

I have not gotten the free food yet but it will come.  Beer was free tonight.

I like winning.  We will win again.  I am back in my happy place.  Thanks Billy Shears!!


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On current events. Uninformed fans are the worst, did these people also tell you that they knew the BP Oil Disaster was a "tricky place to drill." Keep in mind that uncharted waters leave uncertainty for all of us so citing Casteel as a new fit for DC is really giving a new excuse for more time what Robinson needs anyway. Watch and read what Notre Dame has been doing since Holtz left claiming they need something new to ease the pain of a difficult problem. So if you get word that your airline pilot has a fever please dont ask to fly the plane because your doctor gave you a clean bill of health at your physical earlier in the day. Relax, Have Faith and Go Blue!


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Yes. Expecting? Not always. See 2008, 2009, 2010.

Next year I am expecting very big things. Not BCS title, but challenging to go to the Big Ten title game for sure, despite our young defense. A little better defense, fewer mistakes on offense and a competent special teams and we should be a really good team next year.


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the spread won't work in the Big Ten

At this point, anyone who says this is full of it.  There are still old curmudgeons who think this and call into WTKA and want a return to 3 yards and a cloud of dust football, even after we put 67 points on the #15 defense in the country.

Also, why do you still allow yourself to associate with Spartans?  ;)


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...I can tell you that the primary reason we think the spread won't work is because it moves too fast for us and we can't follow the ball anymore.

We like to recall the good old days when the center snapped the ball to one guy, who reliably handed it to another guy who then proceeded to run 3 yards into a big pile of guys. MUCH easier to follow the ball.


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I'm not an old curmudgeon, but my father and grandfather (who just passed away last month at age 98) both are/were.  Both Michigan grads.  My dad's first UM game was in the 1947 season.  My grandfather's first game was in 1919.  

I was pleasantly surprised to find that, though they hated the losing the past 2 years, they both were excited about Rodriguez returning Michigan to something resembling the "Mad Magicians" era, where everything moved fast and you never knew where the ball was.

I guess if you're an old enough curmudgeon, 3 yards and a cloud of dust was a newfangled devolution of football that ruined the game, and the Rodriguez spread & shred is a return to Michigan's roots.


November 12th, 2010 at 10:42 AM ^

Ok the title is a little too soon in Rod's tenure to think it fits, but I enjoyed this post and think it is amazing your grandfather has attended UM games since 1919 during World War I.

Your father and grandfather have no doubt seen their share of downturns and strange games and even signs of promise.  Their excitement (and patience) is a good lesson for me.

I hope it all works out.  Here's to hearing more comparisons to a new era of Mad Magicians.  Go Blue!


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As I said, my grandfather's first game was in 1919.  He attended at least one home game in Ann Arbor every year from 1923 to 2008.  He missed 2009 because he was too weak to travel, and he passed away 10/23/2010.  But for 86 seasons in a row, he went to at least one home game.  I think that's just amazing.  

When I was a little kid in the late 1970s, I remember going to games with my dad and my grandfather, and hearing him talk about Bob Chappuis, Bump Elliott and the Mad Magicians.  While he loved the toughness of Bo's teams, he worried that the team was losing itself by focusing on overpowering and out-executing, but not necessarily outsmarting the other team.

He liked RR's WVU teams, and he remained optimistic that Michigan would take RR's system to another level.

That said, he found our defense positively horrifying.  Can't say I disagree with him on any of his conclusions. 


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...I can tell you that the primary reason we think the spread won't work is because it moves too fast for us and we can't follow the ball anymore.

We like to recall the good old days when the center snapped the ball to one guy, who reliably handed it to another guy who then proceeded to run 3 yards into a big pile of guys. MUCH easier to follow the ball.


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The only fears that remain about the spread (for me, at least)are: 1. that it will get your QB hurt (which seems to have some merit, but will be offset when we can play Junior and Senior QB's after their bodies have filled in a bit, and a solid group of backup QB's which we already seem to have) 2. That it will struggle in really bad weather (which most offenses do, and should be less and less of a problem as the exerience increases).  Other than those two questionable concerns, how can anyone look at this offense and not see that not only CAN it work, it IS working. The 3-3-5 on the other hand...


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I have a little story about some guys from Illinois and MSU. My field of work allows me to work with athletes from all levels. I had a chance to work with some guys last winter/spring who currently play for Illinois and a guy who played at Michigan State last year. They all found out I was a big Michigan fan and started talking a little bit of crap to me about Richrod and the spread and all that. They were questioning why I thought Richrod should stick around and I brought up the offense. All three of these guys go on to say the spread won't work in the Big Ten. I was then thinking "didn't Illinois go to the Rose Bowl a couple years back running the spread?". I never really brought it up cuz 2 of the guys were pretty big and I decided I didn't want to spend all this time talking to them about it and wasting time. Well, the two guys from Illinois definitely know the spread works in the Big Ten now.  


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If you think that a good year next year will magically make loud-mouthed State fans shut up, you will be sorely disappointed. They have been loud-mouthed since the dawn of time. That was true when we beat them every year. That will be true when we do so again.

On the other hand, at least you will know the truth. That is the important thing.


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MSU had the best schedule I have ever seen this year with 8 home games, an upperclass QB and the best LB corp they have ever seen.  My best case scenario is that Cousins bolts for the pros and MSU has to play all of their tough games but us on the road with a true sophmore QB and Gholston and a true freshman Thomas at LB.  That should shut them up.


November 12th, 2010 at 8:10 AM ^

Their schedule this year is ridiculous. I think they'll manage to lose against Penn State in Happy Valley, too. While it would be delightful to see Cousins head to the NFL, I don't see it happening. Dantonio's good enough at player management to stop it if Cousins had that inclination.

As for shutting them up, I won't hold my breath. That will just bring on the cries of "hey, we beat you three years out of four!"


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This year sucked because we did a lot of good things but just couldn't finish the deal in the red zone early on.  Still you could see some huge progress in the offense from the 09 game.  When you are as young as we are all over the place, improvement isn't on a perfect upward line though. That day was a lull, but give them credit.

See Texas, Oklahoma, Florida and even Bama with their younger defense for proof that each year is different and sometimes you are transitioning.

But remember State fan is like a Lions' fan, they don't know what they don't know. How could you possibly have a clue what it takes to build a 10-year contender when you likely never saw it in your lifetime?   

Listen to it, soak it in cheerily and accept their ignorance for what it is worth.  

I don't think anybody outside their fawning fan base believes this year was much more than a team with a bunch of decently talented seniors getting one of the most gracious schedules in league history. 


November 12th, 2010 at 7:10 AM ^

I hope we crush everyone next year too, especially the teams we've Penn State (3 in a row now), MSU (same) and Ohio State (of course). If we lose to Purdue you can add them to that list, too, although in that case Rodriguez might be out at the year's end. We might be favored in each of those games except OSU (maybe even them if Pryor leaves), but realistically I'll be happy if we improve by 2 Ws.


November 12th, 2010 at 9:19 AM ^


2 0 1 1
Date Opponent
Oct. 8 at Northwestern*
Oct. 15 at Michigan State*
Oct. 22 Bye Week
Oct. 29 PURDUE* (HC)
Nov. 5 at Iowa*
Nov. 12 at Illinois*


2 0 1 2
Date Opponent
Sept. 1 vs. Alabama (Arlington, Texas)
Sept. 8 TBA
Sept. 15 TBA
Sept. 22 at Notre Dame
Sept. 29 TBA
Oct. 6 at Purdue*
Oct. 13 ILLINOIS* (HC)
Oct. 27 at Nebraska*
Nov. 3 at Minnesota*
Nov. 17 IOWA*
Nov. 24 at Ohio State*


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that Hockey isn't a 'big sport' in the Big Ten... I met a state guy at work who was giving me crap a few months ago, but I knew he didn't give a rip about hockey, so I gave him his victory and was sad for America for a brief period of time.

Yep, cool story

Blue Blue Blue

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so what they beat us a few times lately?  they are still Sparty.    Look at the crowd dressed as empty seats they drew to Ford Field.   Look at how they need Subway sandwiches to give 2 for 1 tickets away in order to (not even) sell out their own stadium.   If they are such hot sh**, how come nobody comes out to see them play?

even when we suck, and know we suck, we still bring in 100,000+

by the way, have you heard their song?  writtten by the guy who translates music into Muzak?

Fight on Little Brother.  We are actually kind of proud of you.

Blue boy johnson

November 12th, 2010 at 8:12 AM ^

Your biggest mistake was arguing with them, enjoy your damn free meal already. As M fans there is not much we can say when State is kicking our ass every year in football and basketball. If you would just agree with the dumb shits,you will cut down on the majority of the vitriol.


November 12th, 2010 at 8:21 AM ^

Take it for what it is - they are just repeating a standard argument that will only be refuted when we beat them - which we will next year.  I still think we may end up having a pretty good season this year - there are three games left and any of them can be won.


November 12th, 2010 at 8:38 AM ^

To shut up Sparty fans then you are rooting for the wrong team. That has Sparty inferiority complex written all over it.
<br>I want us to do well next year because these kids deserve it, our fans deserve it and rich Rodriguez deserves it. Everyone else is insignificant.
<br>We are Michigan, let's act like it.