So, do we root for our Conference or do we root for our future Offense in the Rose Bowl?

Submitted by M-Dog on December 4th, 2009 at 12:21 AM

Do we root for the much-maligned Big 10 to finally win a Rose Bowl, or do we root for our future offense all growed up?

Much as I'd hate to see the Big 10 take another black eye in the Rose Bowl, I'd love to see OSU chasing their tails against a proper spread.

It would put the fear of God in the Buckeyes knowing they will have to face it every year, and send a message that era of OSU Big 10 dominance is coming to a close.



December 4th, 2009 at 11:26 AM ^

(Unless we need them to beat another team late in the year to give us a B10 championship or send us to a better bowl game, but there MUST be a direct and immediate benefit to M)


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Do you think they would be rooting for us if it were us in that game?

I want Oregon to obliterate OSU and send Tressel/Pryor into the fetal position only to reemerge next August.


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they actually might..

I know a bunch of OSU fans that simply feel sorry for us.. at the bar that I frequent.. they actually cheer for Michigan whenever we're playing other B10 teams... They were even rooting for us when we played Florida.

It wasn't like that two years ago.. but now they're worried that their SOS might go south if we don't become relevant quick..


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I don't shed any tears when the Buckeyes lose, but I want them to be good (as opposed to ND who I hope loses every game they ever play). I can't take another year of "the Big 10 sucks" from the national media. I hope OSU steamrolls the Ducks and that Iowa beats down Boise. I certainly understand the "can't cheer for the Buckeyes" sentiment, but at least this year I'll be pulling for them against UO.


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I agree Purple Stuff. I am sick of the big ten bashing also so, I have to admit I want the Buckeyes and every other big ten team to win their bowl games. However, if they get their butts beats I definately wouldn't be bummed. I think Oregon will be surprised by the Buckeye defense.


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Replace Iraq with OSU.

*For the record, I'm not being serious. Tasteless, yes, but not serious. Should go without saying, but you never know around here.


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One thing I've learned after being out of Ann Arbor for a decade is that a lot of the older + 50 folks actually believe in pulling for the Big Ten in bowl season. Michigan fans, tOSU, Iowa, etc. They seem to get this whole camaraderie thing with the Big Ten that some younger people probably can't appreciate until we're back on top of the conference.

My guess is they hear more than enough crap from SEC folks that it drives them up a wall. That plus Big Ten hate is out there is big numbers.


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I just remember going to bowl games and meeting other Big Ten folks and there was a real feeling of being united. Keep in mind it was 70 degrees in late December/early January so who could be pissy then? It's just that most of those people were older. I always pulled for every conference team, except MSU. And I think I will return to that state once our team is back bowling. Right now, I just don't like to see these teams have national exposure to recruits while we're making snowballs in the Diag.


December 4th, 2009 at 12:57 AM ^

Living on the west coast, I either hear the national media's SEC/Big12 dominance position or the local "nobody realizes the Pac10 is really the best conference in the universe" agenda. That gets really old, really fast.

As for the "gray hairs", my guess is that those who remember regularly beating OSU know that these things are cyclical and that makes it easier to control the hate. If OSU wins a bowl game, I know they still suck and that the Blue will inflict a great deal of pain on the people of Columbus in the years to come. And I'm only 27 (but our guys at least went 2-2 against them while I was at UM).


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Most of the time I'll root for B10 but this year it doesn't matter. The B10 sucks this year and OSU beating Oregon won't prove anything and even if it did it wouldn't be too helpful to M this year, so fuck it, go Ducks!!!


December 4th, 2009 at 12:56 AM ^

I ALWAYS used to root for the big 10 in bowl games. Yes I would even hold my nose and root in a luke warm sort of way for the buckeyes, but I am so sick of them and especially of their complete inability to beat anyone decent in a bowl, thus embarassing the Big 10 over and over, that I can no longer root for them. GO DUCKS!


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LETS BITCH AT THIS GUY FOR STARTING A THREAD after there was already a live game thread, and i posted something about this very topic.


moron hypocrites.

Gerald R. Ford

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Some d-Bag negged me over 1100 points in one day. My crime - I told him to f-off when he ranked on RR after the OSU game. I'm almost bailed out, but I did not retaliate against the a-hole even though i know who he is. Just chill out and get back on track. Don't you know who you are? You're Shooter McGavin.


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i don't feel the need to defend big ten's pride from a bunch of idiot SEC fans and others who overstate the big ten's demise. let the idiots think whatever they want. i will NEVER root for OSU.