So are we going to get that recruiting bump in MBB?

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This has been talked about here and there in other threads, but thought I would make one dedicated post to this topic. 

We all remember what happened last time we made it to the NCAA tournament finals.  From the increased exposure and success, we thought we'd start getting higher profile recruits.  Bubcus!  Excuses were abound, including:

1. JB's archaic approach to recruiting

2. Recruiting is a dirty game of which we do not play

3. It takes time to garner the right relationships with the right recruits, so don't expect a recruiting bump right away.

So, are things different now?  We've had a very successful 6 years and have sent many kids to the NBA.  Are kids going to notice now?  Will the FBI investigation help the clean recruiters like JB?

What say you MGoBoard?




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I think we got the bump last year and the bump comes from having better recruiters.  I think Saddi Washington is going to tear it up on the recruting trail going forward.  The on the court stuff will help but I think having great recruiters will be the ultimate reason we get a bump.


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Recruiting has already been trending up with the addition of Washington as an ace recruiter. You can see it in the last two classes and the guys we're in on for 2019.


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Well Matthews is definitely gone next year if he does come back this year and that’s assuming Poole, livers, or one of the freshman don’t have an amazing 2019 season that they decide to go to the nba. In basketball you can never tell

Longballs Dong…

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I think it's possible to have 0 openings in the 2019 class.  If Wagner stays there is definitely one opening, if he leaves now then we bring in all 5 freshman and no one has to transfer this year.  Matthews should have 2 years of eligibilty remaining so if he were to stay again that would mean 0 openings in 2019.  Which also means the team should be good to great for the next 2 years with minimal disruption.  It requires transfers or leaving early for the NBA just to have 1  opening in 2019.  I know there is always attrition but I didn't realize how tight scholarships were the next 2 years until just now.

snarling wolverine

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"Now that John Beilein has taken his team to the national championship game twice and sent a steady stream of players to the NBA, will he ever start to recruit the kind of players that could take us to the national championship game and then make the NBA?"



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Now THAT was a wicked burn, Snarl!!!

You just know that what some ppl want (OP cough cough) is to get 1 & doners, despite the inherent dangers of fishing in those waters, despite the success Coach B (and frickin Jay Wright) have had without them, AND despite the very real possibility that will cease even being a thing!

The incoming class appears to be full of classic Beilein gems, maybe the best class he's had, if not, then right next to the Mitch-Nik-GR3 group.

I feel good about the future in hoops!

Ty Butterfield

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Doesn’t seem like a lot of spots are available the next few years. Of course there will probably be some transfers or early NBA departures. These things tend to work out. Currently doesn’t seem to be a lot happening with the FBI investigation but hoping that some of the uncertainty in East Lansing may help Michigan our the next few seasons.

True Blue Grit

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Some factors won't change, like the shady and negative recruiting tactics other schools use.  Also, Beilein just isn't the most persuasive, salesman like some of these HC's are.  His assistants and recruiting office people will need to pick up the slack there.  We certainly have lots of great things to sell, so that's not a problem.  

I'm not sure to what degree Beilein has changed his approach to recruiting.  I think not offering kids early enough or waiting only until they've visited campus definitely sets us behind the eight ball in some cases.  

The last few classes have been much better fortunately, and hopefully this is a sign of very good things in future recruiting.  

Mr Miggle

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That was triggered by the Tyus Battle debacle, which cost hm Josh Langford. It's a significant change and I wouldn't be surprised to see it come into play in every recruiting cycle. 

He may have made another change or two. He's certainly been adaptable as a coach. One thing that hasn't changed is that none of the Michigan writers have a good source for recruiting info among his staff.

He's not changing his procedure for how he extends offers. Good for him. He gets to know his recruits well and they get to know the team too. The team's chemistry and lack of off the court issues doesn't happen by accident.


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Who. Fucking. Cares. Beilein just got his best class ever, and has already proven he can do great things with far lesser talent than most. This question is virtually irrelevant


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While it's great to make title games and win the conference over an overrated in-state coach with supposedly more talent, at some point, you wonder how much higher the ceiling could be with even one 5 star player.  The 2013 team had some real star power, it's not wrong to want a guy who is capable of being one and done, even if he stays for 2 years. It's also not wrong to wish for a freshman who could be all-conference.  


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The 2014 class saw only 1 of 6 recruits play 4 years at Michigan due to a variety of reasons:
NBA: DJ Wilson
Injury: Hatch
Transfer: Aubrey Dawkins, Ricky Doyle, Kam Chatman

The perceived recruiting problems can mostly be chalked up to this class not sticking around and causing the coaches to scramble to fill holes.

The 2015-2017 classes and transfers in have been solid in filling the gaps of the 2014 class. The 2017 and 2018 classes look like they could be great.

I think these last 2 classes are more of a baseline expectation for recruiting under Beilein than the 2014-2016 classes that were mostly trying to fill unexpected gaps due to attrition.