Snowflakes re: our coaching staff

Submitted by michgoblue on November 25th, 2012 at 1:00 PM

I have not read all of the million threads criticizing our coaches, defending our coaches, analyzing our depth chart and generally offering thoughts on the state of this team, but I have skimmed at least a few.  I will try not to be too repetative, although I doubt I will succeed.  Some general thoughts on our coaches after 2 seasons:

1.   I still believe that Hoke is the right guy for us.  Most importantly, he seems to have instilled a sense of "we are Michigan" that seemed to be lacking.  Call it fit, whatever, he does seem to get it and I think that over time, this will help return us to our former glory.  He also seems to get that the game starts in the trenches, and is appropriately loading up with quality big bodies in both.

2.  Clock management - whomever is running our 2-minute drill needs to go back to coaching 101.  There have been numerous times this season that we looked lost or failed to even attempt a score.  This happened again in the first half, but DEnard's great run and OSU's crap tackling saved us.

3.  Borges - I am not yet ready to call for his head.  THat said, he has been terrible this year and last.  His game plan for big games is pathetic.  ALso, complete inability to adjust.  Why not call for his head?  Because these players do not fit the system that he knows well.  If he still has the same problem next year, he needs to go.  Next year, Devin will be able to run the pro=style with a group of Hoke-recruited OL. 

4.  REcruiting - we are doing great.  And loading up the lines.  But, I am concerned about hoke's inability to land premier skill position players (other than Morris).  We keep striking out at WR and RB and it is going to continue to hurt us.  What's the issue here?  Is Hoke's no-nonsense style less suited for coddling bigger ego guys?

5.  Mattison - he is amazing.  Nuff said.  We lack so much athleticism on his side of the ball, and his results are still great. 



Ball Hawk

November 25th, 2012 at 7:53 PM ^

Maybe it didnt come out right but what im trying to say is on evaluating Borges its not about the win or lose its whether we can say after the game, "Borges did a good job calling the game and most of us could agree that the best talent is on the field at their best positions. Like not running Denard up the middle with a terrible oline or leaving Devin Gardner off the field when Denard is on the field. The beauty of 3rdthe down and short is having the option of passing or running which makes it so unpredictable so lets not put denard in there on 3rd and short and expect to fool the defense. If Borges REALLY thinks that he is fooling the defense then we got major issues.

Dutch Ferbert

November 25th, 2012 at 8:08 PM ^

My voice is still recovering from screaming at Borges in the second half, but:

1. The total score of the last two Michigan/ohio games is 61-60 in our favor.

2. 21 points is the most points UM has put on the board in Coumbus since 06.

3. Besides 2006, our total points in Columbus since 02 have been 9, 21, 7 and 7, so this was our second highest point total during our winless streak in Columbus.

4. From 2007 to 2010, Michigan's grand total against ohio was 27 points (including 3 points at home in 07 and 10 points at home in 09).

I know there are arguments that this is not a great Buckeye defense and neither was last year's (but both also are not horrible and still have some quality athletes) and that some of those offensive totals were the result of Henne/Hart being hurt and Rich Rod square-pegging Threet/Sheridan into a round hole. However, you have to give some credit to 21 points on the road with an offensive line that is far from dominant (not to mention the turnovers). The offense is not horribly coached, but the playcalling in the second half needed to be better yesterday.

Am I still pissed at Borges? Yes. Does he deserve some credit for our increased scoring against ohio? Yes. Is he the offensive equivalent of Greg Mattison? No. Can he get the job done next year and beyond? TBD.

Ball Hawk

November 25th, 2012 at 9:07 PM ^

I see bad decisions being made by Borges when it comes to play calling. There are a lot of plays you could run in different scenarios but there are plays you DO NOT run in certain scenarios. If you run a lot of the bad plays all the time then you have someone that cannot lead an offense.