The Snowflake Thread: Offense

Submitted by LSAClassOf2000 on October 12th, 2013 at 8:04 PM

Due to the nature of things, this will go up a little early - this is your thread to discuss and evaluate Michigan's performance on offense and the offensive playcalling. 



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LSA, can you go ahead and ban all the people who actually believe in jinxes?

Either they are 6 years old and therefore shouldn't be posting, or they are hopelessly stupid with no potential for meaningful contribution.

Like It's 19BBY

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Jesus. O-line is shit, so the running game is complete shit. But still not convinced that Fitz or Green could move the ball behind any O-line in the country. Idk, fuck everything.


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yeah it demands conservative calls to an extent....but on that drive prior to wiles final punt when near FG range why run 3 times when its guaranteed loss??  why not run gardner draw or bootleg on 2nd or 3rd down instead of touissant for a loss?  just a thought.  hes only the best athlete on the field by far.  given 1-2 chances, the odds of him gaining even 5-7 yards are so much higher than touissant getting jack.  aside from 1-2 drives, the calls by borges have been both terrible and baffling, take your pick.  this is not san diego st, its a tad closer to auburn al


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After Lewan got hurt, our O-line was down to a backup LT, 3rd string LG (Burzynski was in for Bryant), C making his 2nd start at center, RS Frosh at RG, backup RS frosh at RT, and yet, Gardner gained over 100 yards rushing, and yet, Borges completely went away from what was working. Fire Borges.


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I have a hard time knowing where to point or if anyone is really to blame.
With the state of the o-line, there might not be much that can be done with this team.
I *think* we have some good up-and-coming skill position players, and I don't think Gardener is a bad QB by any means, though he is trying to force some things. ..
If the OL can't block, then there isn't much Borges or any other coach can do.
Still, shocking we could put up 40 points when we can't block.


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Too conservative, yes, but this loss is all on the delay penalty. Runs make sense in decent field goal range; the penalty pushed us out.

This was a choke. One of the worst that I've ever seen. Big worries about the coaching staff now.


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I am with you.


From the conservative play calling with Fitz in OT, who could not gain yards all game (why not run Devin in those plays?) to the lack of sitautional awareness by our coaching staff on the delay of games (if Devin is too unaware to call TO that is what the HEAD COACH does) it is frustrating as hell.  The " I dont need to wear a headset" is lame as hell, and does not allow Hoke to overrule Borges on any play call nor have someone in the press box scream into his headset WE ARE DOWN TO 5 SECONDS on the play clock.  Its a joke.  Why not wear your f****** HEADSET IN OT AT LEAST?


I thought Hoke was more aggressive than Carr but he is not.  PSU went for it on 4th and inches in OT - win or lose.  Balls.  No misdirection run plays, no bootlegs, no reverses, no nothing because Borges is content whatever he does Hoke will hold onto him for another half decade.


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That was nothing short of gutless playcalling from Borgess from the last three minutes of regulation, going forward. This offense got what it deserved. 


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Worst playcalling I've ever seen in the overtimes. I'm not exaggerating either. I'm not sure I've ever seen worse. We were gifted 2 possessions and we shit just shit them away. Fuck you borges and fuck you LSA for making this thread.

Magnum P.I.

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Yep. The only call that wasn't made out of total spineless fear, was the little out to Gallon for the ghost first down. They were daring us to do anything but run between the tackles. Like we were a high school team without a throwing QB. It was embarassing stuff for a once proud program like U-M. Serious shame today.


October 12th, 2013 at 9:18 PM ^

End of game management was horrendous. Delay of game, then run loss puts us out of FG range, then punt (ok, fine), can't prevent touchback, 2 plays for 70 yards, burn your last TO after a stoppage for review, don't have a TO so have to kick from 52 on 3rd down, miss.

Even before all the bullshit in OT, we deserved to lose right there.


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complete cowards. fuck this coaching staff. we are not back. we are irrelevant. get ready to get fuck stomped by osu, nu, and little bro. I'm being dead serious, no more games. this staff needs shook up.


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This one is on Borges.  How many times did we have 2nd &1, 3rd &1, and we run it right up the middle, where we haven't had any success since, oh I don't know, forever ago?  The oline is terrible.  It's Borges' job to adjust for that.  He failed. Again.