Snowflake Thread: Coaching Vs. Air Force

Submitted by LSAClassOf2000 on September 16th, 2017 at 3:14 PM

This will be the repository for your thoughts and hot takes on the overall coaching in our game against Air Force.



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What the hell happened to the tight ends in our offense??? One completion to a TE this game if I recall correctly. Too many passes to the outside. When we through crossing routes seemed to be successful. For all the bitching about Speight, we can't put this one on him. O has some serious work to do. Purdue looks threatening after these two games.


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Look at Jake Rudock his first year.  Jake was really bad at times in the first few games.  Then things clicked and he was great.  The underlying issue is QB talent.  J. Okorn looks out of control when he is on the field.  Brandon Peters is just a redshirt freshman.  So Speight is the reasonable option.  The problem is he is not very good at ths point.  If things don't change then we will lose games (like last year) that we should win.  You cannot coach a guy to be better than he has potential for.  


I am hoping Speight either gets it or the coaches dumb down the play book to make the game easier for him.




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Utter bullshit.  Speight has missed some throws and made some mistakes, but he knows the offense and has made the right reads consistently.  What hasn't been consistent is disjointed play calling.  I wish they'd try to establish a base style or concept instead of this Borges grab bag garbage.


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As I allready wrote. The nine million dollar man should give fifty percent back at least for what we are seeing on offense. I believe he is allowing Drevno to call the plays. Well that obviously is not going to cut it. Our athletes saved this team, but I would think by know something needs to change on the offensive side of things. Mr Harbaugh your offense is a complete running joke and I really hope you see that. If something isn't changed you are conceding losses to other schools and are 100% responsible. It is almost like you are handicapping your own team. The play calling is just plain stupid sometimes. We need three yards so we throw a fade out of bounds to try to gain thirty. Our offensive coaches are soft and it shows. Hamilton and Drevno are just to fuckin soft. No softy's on the defensive side of the ball and it shows....right.  If Harbaugh makes no changes there is no reason to watch this team anymore. It also is very unfair to the defensive players and some O players. Bench the shit coaches, change the play calling and put some othe rplayers who are not so fuckin soft. Also recruit a top rated pro style QB. I mean like the number one or two in the country. How... secure them however you have to. Could B. Peters do as well as Speight?. I believe so, as he could do some stuff with his legs. Robinson thhrew as well as Speight, but fuck he was the toughest runner in Michigan History if you ask me because of his size. One thing we all know is the QB whisperer is falling way short.

Tyrone Biggums

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You don't know more than the coaches. STFU!, you all sound like some petulant little babies.

Harbaugh is a great coach, if any of the crybabies on this board knew better you wouldn't have time to be on here spouting this nonsense...

You'd be coaching. Instead you're crying about 16 point wins against a service academy.


September 17th, 2017 at 6:25 PM ^

Not from everything I heard last year. 


What was widely reported was Drevno called over 2/3 of the plays with Fisch and Harbaugh splitting the rest, in that order.


That was even confirmed by others on this board, some of whom have their own blog and sources confirming.


Where did you read/hear that each gave a play and Harbaugh chose? That seems highly improbably and quite impractical.


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If Harbaugh is calling those plays he is fucking his team over big time. Wilton Speight is not Tom Mfing Brady. His receivers are soft especially crawford. Air force was blitzing their corners in run defense and we were still running the ball because the air attack is a fucking joke most of the time. Black is young and perry is competent. All the rest of the targets should go to TE"s. Fuck it. I will just leave the analyzing to people who know more than me, but our offense is a joke and a four year old can see that. I am pretty sure Mr. Harbaugh that peoples patience with your offense is flat out running out.


September 16th, 2017 at 7:10 PM ^

This is the key.  Speight was much better throwing on first or second downs, especially when he could use play action.  Playcalling got him into a lot of do-or-die third downs, where he is weakest.

In 26 sets of downs, Michigan got first down 12 times when they didn't face third down, and only 5 when they did (plus one 4th down).