Snow Bowl, Night Games, & Nanny State

Submitted by StephenRKass on September 8th, 2009 at 11:06 AM

I really enjoyed watching the 1950 Michigan - Ohio State Snow Bowl put on Youtube by Wolverine Historian. I would really love to see this happen again some day, maybe in Ann Arbor. I'm going to the game in Columbus next year, which is later than usual (Nov. 28, 2 days after Thanksgiving.) It could happen. However, reading about the game, with 9 plus inches of snow, temps near zero, and more snow falling, several questions came to mind:

1) With the nanny state mentality (frost bite, exposure to players, parking, difficulty driving, etc., etc.) would the University allow a game to be played in such conditions today?

2) As much as ABC loves a marquee matchup Saturday night, what would conditions like this do to a night game? Especially blizzard conditions and temps even lower at night? Let me put this another way. While I'm open to night games, it seems dubious to schedule one that late in November.

3) If a night game was scheduled, but it was clear that a blizzard and cold temps were going to happen, could they shift the game to a 11am or 12noon start? If they could shift, how much notice would need to happen? I'm assuming that under certain conditions, they shut down the golf course for parking too. Where do people park? What a nightmare for all but students.



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So what do you recommend as shorthand for organizations and administrations who are extremely risk averse? In general, I would see universities taking more responsibility for students et al than NFL teams for their patrons. I hate all of it, from bike helmets to seat belts to smoking. Mind you, I usually wear a bike helmet, always wear a seat belt, and have never smoked. But I hate that insurance companies and lawyers virtually ban trampolines and water skiing and toboggan runs, etc., etc., etc., particularly in public settings.

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This is something I love about football: it's still played in inclement/bad weather. I still say this despite being outside for a football game on the same day as last year's Northwestern game (a high school playoff game).


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No joke - I was a 6-month gestation fetus at the Snow Bowl, born the following Feb, 1951. So technically it was my first Michigan game. My dad played for M in the late 40's and since they couldn't make it back home to Indiana after the game, my 'rents bunked with the Oosterbaans that night. It's a big part of our family lore regarding M football. I'll have my dad's M Club ring on my keychain Saturday for good luck.

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My old man somewhat reactionary, he was one of the "anti-Bo" guys when Bo was hired. So I've been thru this drama we have now regarding the regime change once before. Winning cures all, believe me. In the early 70's Canham & Bo autographed a 10x14 print of a wolverine and mailed it out to all M Club alums. Dad gave his to me and I had it mounted & framed and it hung over my fireplace for the 4 years I lived in Columbus (73-77 during the 10-year war). It was a hell of a convesation piece. Still hangs in my office at home to this day.

Section 6, Row 13 this Saturday. Let's make Section 6 the "Loud Crowd" and I plan on standing the entire game lonsing my voice in Q3.

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I would be in favor of night games in two scenarios:

1) The season/home opening game vs EMU/CMU/WMU.

2) This next one is a bit more involved.

First, I would move the Ohio State game to "the First Saturday in December", still playing them at Noon (btw---this will probably happen anyway in the next 5-10 years, that's from BM).

Second, instead of having an open date over the Thanksgiving weekend, schedule a non-conference opponent to play on the Friday night or Saturday night after Thanksgiving. Preferably playing schools from the South. If we have to do home-and-away with them that's fine, but play the return dates early in the season, not at Thanksgiving.

Make it a new Michigan Thanksgiving Fri/Sat tradition to play at home, at night, non-conference.