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A relatively new Michigan recruiting website "" had staff at the event and offered a great deal of quality info.

Here's a sample:

-The only man to shut down Wheatley all day, was 2017 LB Joshua Ross.  Name sound familiar?  He is the younger brother of current Michigan LB, James “Biggs” Ross.  Even at the early age and class, you can already see the enormous potential that oozes.  Right now he is at about 6ft, 180 lbs and still should grow to be a bit bigger than his older brother is.  Josh shows a great motor and ball skills for being so young, not to mention, when we chatted with him he seemed pretty excited about Michigan.  Josh is a guy you should keep your eyes on as the next couple of years progress.


Lucky Socks

June 17th, 2013 at 5:28 AM ^

Patrice Rene and Jacques Patrick would form a pretty cool Taco-Butt duo of commits if they end up in the fold. I can see berets and baguettes in the student section already.


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From the Day 2 notes:

"Lawrence said that if Hand and Malik both end up Wolverines, they would form one of the best defensive lines ever. Gotta like the confidence Lawrence has and the fact that he could even mention that shows promise for Wolverine fans. "

Well, such a line would only have the #1 recruit in the nation and the #3 recruit at the DE position (per Rivals anyway) on it, so if this turned out to be the case and they both came, I don't know if there would have been a more heralded line coming into school in the era of rankings. It's certainly an appealing idea. 

The notes mention that Lawrence has taken it upon himself to talk to McDowell, and if they do end up playing on the same team this fall, I have to think that helps Michigan's position even more. 

Interesting stuff, OP. Thanks for sharing this. 


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Yeah, the big 3 from that DL class at Florida were ranked #1, #4, and #7 OVERALL nationally - all on the DL. They added 3 top 50 DBs as well to cover the back end.

It's too bad for Florida that fate wasn't kind to them. That trio hasn't played together much. Floyd is gone to the NFL as a 1st round pick, but Easley had a torn ACL in 2011 and missed a couple games last year to have his knee drained and Powell tore his ACL in the spring of 2012 and missed all of last season. Still Florida had the 5th best defense. Imagine how good they could have been if injuries hadn't taken their toll. If they hadn't turned the ball over like crazy, or maybe had they had a healthy Powell, they might have beaten Georgia and finished the regular season undefeated.

That's a lot of ifs, but when I think of UM's recruiting class being historically 2nd to maybe only that class defensively, I get all giggly.


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Thing is it is crazy how the recruiting world is changing with earlier recruitments and offers but the play of Ross speaks for himself.  I spoke with the coach of the Cubs, Coach Tandy.  Add, the Cubs are the little league esque team that produced Richardson, James, RJS, JD, and Josh now.  He said that Joshua will be bigger than his brother and is further in progression than James was at the end of his freshman year.  Josh will be the top talent for Michigan in 2017 and is built like a high school sophomore or junior already.  He will be BIG TIME


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For years baseball , hockey ,and basketball have recruited kids of a young age and it was ok but know that football is getting younger in it recruitment every one wants to get all hight and mighty. The game has changed and if you are not looking at the younger guys you start to lose out on big time talent.