Smotrycz, Christian, Brundidge all transferring

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"We never like to see players leave the program, however, Evan, Colton and Carlton have made the decision to transfer and continue their careers elsewhere," said Beilein. "All three are fine young men with bright futures. We wish them and their families nothing but success going forward." 



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Michigan will still have depth with incoming freshmen SG/PG Stauskas, PF Hornford, SG/SF Vogrich, PF/C Bielfedt and C/PF Michigan is still in the run for PG/SG Amedeo Della Valle who is a 3* recruit and Scout has hi as the #26 SG in the country. The roation will go 8 to 9 deep in 2012-2013 season. The cup board is not empty.  

Happy Gilmore

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“It’s just a matter of what I thought was the right fit, something my family agreed on,” Smotrycz said. “I don’t want to say too much right now in being sensitive to the coaching staff. But it was a decision I had to make to be somewhere I was happy.”


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So since 3 spots are open on basketball team, can we transfer those for 2013 football recruiting?... *Crosses fingers for Berkley Edwards*




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Um. What the hell just happened?!

Smotz just doesn't make any sense.

Edit to add: Also, this KILLS what depth we had at PG, which was none this year, but I think some people were at least expecting Brundidge to at least push for time at the point.

I'm shocked.


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You've got your homer goggles on.  The criticism is just as bad here as at a lot of other schools.  99% is pushing it.  You must not have been in a game liveblog recently for football or bball.

And if the fans were taking to twitter to bash him I don't blame him for getting annoyed and hurt.  It's one thing to criticize a guy on a blog, it's another thing entirely to harass him on his personal social media page.  I know I know, public access rabblerabblerabble.  Get some class guys sitting on your couch talking down college athletes.  I'll never believe this is within the rights of fans.  It may be the norm, but that doesn't mean it should be.


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but my point is simply that this type of criticism happens at all schools (especially in major conferences) and if this were his problem, then going someplace else will not lessen it (I guess he could go to a smaller D2 school that doesn't follow sports that much?).

Hell, look at the Yale QB who turned down the Rhodes Scholarship to play in a game against Harvard. Even the Ivies take their sports seriously.


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I think that the comments by idiot fans did not help but if you watched Smotrycz' body language and his level of play from about Jan. 1st on, something was not right.  Sure he had a few solid games.  However, overall, I kept asking what was wrong with him and Hardaway, Jr. for almost the entire Big 10 season.  I think his mind was probably made up a few months ago.