June 22nd, 2010 at 12:13 PM ^

There is a big difference between running multiple backs with misdirection and ball fakes specifically with the intent of confusing defenses, and running an option play based on the reactions of a defensive end.  I wish people would stop trying to generalize these offenses into prepackaged titles so they can sound smart.  Every offense does not fit neatly into Spread, Pro-style, Wishbone, Single Wing, Wildcat, etc.  RR, like most coaches, has an offensive philosophy, not a system.  It is not like he went to the library and picked up 'Spread 101.' If I had to describe the offense Michigan has been running (or at least attempting to) I would say we try to use option reads and quick passing with a balanced run/pass ratio in order to keep the defense spread evenly across the field so we can utilize speedy backs in the extra space.