Small Derrick Green Updates (Good)

Submitted by go16blue on July 28th, 2012 at 11:28 PM

Mods feel free to delete if you feel this is redundant, but there have been quite a few updates since the last thread, and it got so big that I doubt people were still checking it. So here's a quick rundown of the tweets from various sources:


Samm Webb: "@SamWebb77: Positive vibes from visitors in Ann Arbor today. Reason enough for a commit watch. No gut feelings, but commitment is a real possibility now"

Sarah Hughes: "@SarahMHughes87: Got a couple texts from recruits on campus right now saying good shot Green commits this weekend. Also, 2014 WR Artavis Scott mentioned."

Tremendous: "@TremendousUM: I wouldn't have called me back either @BrOoKyLn_boii27: Wit mi big bro Denard robinson #MICHIGAN"

A Green tweet from much earlier in the day: 'juz finished having a #GREAT talk with coach hooke #michigan'


And finally, a great picture from Green's twitter of his visit. Looks like the coaches are putting on the full court press.


More, thanks to jbr12: Per Mike Farrell at Rivals, Derrick Green has always texted back "no" when asked if he was going to commit on any visit he's been on. Tonight? "idk". The anticipation builds for tomorrow



July 29th, 2012 at 4:50 PM ^

  I think you are pushing it to say Meyer is perpetrating some “ploy”. I doubt he really cares whether “he lost some head to head recruiting battle to MI” other than losing the actual recruit.

 I know several D1 coaches and they really don’t care about that. That is FAN speak.

 He most likely ascertained that Green wasn’t going to commit his way and figured it was time to cut his losses and utilize his resources toward someone else.

 Trust me, I am no Meyer fan, but coaches just don’t think like that. 

(And do I want Green,... "HAIL YES!")