Small Derrick Green Updates (Good)

Submitted by go16blue on July 28th, 2012 at 11:28 PM

Mods feel free to delete if you feel this is redundant, but there have been quite a few updates since the last thread, and it got so big that I doubt people were still checking it. So here's a quick rundown of the tweets from various sources:


Samm Webb: "@SamWebb77: Positive vibes from visitors in Ann Arbor today. Reason enough for a commit watch. No gut feelings, but commitment is a real possibility now"

Sarah Hughes: "@SarahMHughes87: Got a couple texts from recruits on campus right now saying good shot Green commits this weekend. Also, 2014 WR Artavis Scott mentioned."

Tremendous: "@TremendousUM: I wouldn't have called me back either @BrOoKyLn_boii27: Wit mi big bro Denard robinson #MICHIGAN"

A Green tweet from much earlier in the day: 'juz finished having a #GREAT talk with coach hooke #michigan'


And finally, a great picture from Green's twitter of his visit. Looks like the coaches are putting on the full court press.


More, thanks to jbr12: Per Mike Farrell at Rivals, Derrick Green has always texted back "no" when asked if he was going to commit on any visit he's been on. Tonight? "idk". The anticipation builds for tomorrow



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Per Mike Farrell at Rivals, Derrick Green has always texted back "no" when asked if he was going to commit on any visit he's been on. Tonight? "idk". The anticipation builds for tomorrow


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The internet has accelerated the learning curve in almost all sports.  In football, coaches have access to a lot more info concerning conditioning, drills, and schemes.  People know nutrition a lot better.  Kids are being "recruited" at 14, and it motivates many to get serious about conditioning at that age.  

High schools supposedly don't recruit, but a lot of blue-chippers somehow end up at schools with state of the art training facilities.  Also, kids with the potential to be elite athletes are under a lot more pressure from their familes, especially if they are poor, to earn a scholarship and play professional sports.  

It even goes down to little league, and coaches naturally take an interest in kids who show the potential to play in college.  If a kid really wants it, he can start developing himself while he is still in elementary school.  

Consequently, I'm not surprised that some of these kids already look like men.


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There have always been guys who looked like men.  Sometimes it's just genetics.  I don't know what Green's story is, but Bo Jackson is a perfect example of someone who was completely ripped and rarely lifted weights.  Herschel Walker mostly just did push-ups and sit-ups.


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I've been saying for a while that he's a better shot to commit than most have given credit for, it looks like a very real possibility now that he's actually visited and talked with coach Hoke. It looks like I might be getting the best kind of vindication: the kind that results in a Michigan commitment.


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I'm confortable staying in tonight to soak up the random Green commitment tidbits. I hope he commits early so my entire Sunday isn't wasted, too. Ha.


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It's the content that counts. The presentation probably showed him the following equation: ginormous Michigan offensive line commits + Derrick Green equals Heisman. That's why he's holding it.


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Question: If there is not a lot of separation, are you comfortable rotating a few guys or do you really want a go-to guy?

Al Borges: “I don’t like it, never have.”

Question: You don’t like rotating?

Al Borges: “I don’t like rotating, but that being said, if two guys are on an equal plane then we may do it. I’ll never say never, but it has never been my preference


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Really call him underrated. Scout has him as the #10 overall back in the country, and 247 has him at 17. He is a 4-star on ESPN and a high 3-star on Rivals. Rivals has him at #32 overall, his lowest ranking of the four sites. With those rankings I would consider him pretty highly touted at this point.