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Now, from what I can tell, it does indeed appear that the blue outline has been removed and it also seems as though the stickers may be that much smaller in size. Probably a wise move, as making them smaller will allow for more to be placed on the Michigan helmets. I’ll see if I can track down one and provide a more detailed analysis later in the season. I also noticed that the warning label has been moved from the side of the helmet to the back and bottom of the helmet. Why do I call this out? Well, this frees up more space on the helmet for at least one more helmet sticker, but more importantly, this allows for a more symmetrical placement of the stickers on each side of the helmet. Oh, and by the way – the last time the warning label was located on the bottom and back of the Michigan helmets? 1986. Coincidence? I don’t think so…

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Don't like stickers anyway because OSU does it too.

Start something new like a fan/ex player signing the helmet before a game. Like a kid in AA hospital.

Glad Harbaugh killed the #1 jersey thing. The stickers need to die too.

Blue and Joe

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Bo wasn't the first to use helmet stickers either. Illinois and Rutgers used helmet stickers before Miami.

But that's beside the point. Michigan wasn't the first team to use winged helmets, but now everyone thinks of Michigan when they see them. Ohio State wasn't the first to use helmet stickers, but they are known for it so much that everyone thinks they invented them.


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I would be careful throwing out questions like this - a Big Ten officiating crew might see it, review it and answer it somehow. 

In all honesty though, if we were to diagram "apparel", I bet anything stickers end up in some secondary bucket under "equipment", the way this blog would diagram it anyway. 


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I know it goes against how things were when Harbaugh played, but why have the football shape at all? I think the stickers would look way better if the colors were inverted and it was just a maize wolverine with nothing else.

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snarling wolverine

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Or so you think.

Actually, any appearance of stickers on Speight's helmet, or good play on his part in general, is obviously impossible and can be attributed to the mind altering drugs that the US government -- under orders from Speight, their lord and evil master--has polluted our water supply with.

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well, at 18 they are adults. While I think threats and violence are over the top, as a second year starter at a premier program, WHAT THE HELL??? how has he seemingly regressed to a point where routine passes are challenging if not difficult? Hate to say this, he was awarded a starting position and $100,000 education/preparation, spotlight, etc...Every season there is a chance some hotshot comes in to replace you when they are better/you are not getting the job done.

Yep it's a big stage and it's called competition. I knew it, and every division one athlete knows, you improve or they are a replaceable interest. Miss a block? they will let you know and you will be replaced. Miss a catch you may never see another pass.

Speight needs to step up, put in extra work, or find a way to focus his weakness...he's at place for excuses or pampering his feelings.


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like the Tommy Harmon helmets of old, in order to tuck a few more helmet stickers underneath.

My case in point below, 1978 Michigan Bike (Air) helmets:

Junior tailback Roosevelt Smith in 1979 Rose Bowl vs. USC

Rick Leach, Ralph Clayton, Mike Leoni, Doug Marsh, Steve Nauta and unknown player below vs. Minnesota, 1978: