Slippery Rock Weekly Update

Submitted by nmumike on October 8th, 2013 at 9:21 AM

Slippery Rock (4-1) continued their offensive dominance in a convincing 58-10 victory over Kutztown, amassing 610 total yards.

On the season Slippery Rock has scored 252 points, (avg. 50.2), and is averaging over 560 yards in total offense per game. Next week they play the number 7 ranked Div II school Indiana Univeristy of Pennsylvania at home. Hopefully the Rock can prevail!

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The best part of the fan cam this past Saturday was them showing a couple that were both wearing Slippery Rock shirts. The crowd gave them a big cheer.


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Ok, so who isn't a fan of Slippery Rock, so much so that they felt the need to downvote this thread? I have always liked the Slippery Rock tie-in to UofM. I thought it was cool.


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Some of the highlights from Slippry Rock's conference rankings on various stats - they are in the top three in their conference in:

STATISTIC Div. II Rank Conference Rank  
3rd Down Converstion Pct Defense (162 ranked) 6 1 0.244
Passing Offense (162 ranked) 3 1 389.6
Passing Yards per Completion (162 ranked) 8 1 17.09
Scoring Offense (162 ranked) 4 1 50.4
Team Passing Efficiency (162 ranked) 8 1 176.4
Team Tackles for Loss (162 ranked) 13 1 9.2
Total Offense (162 ranked) 4 1 565.4
First Downs Offense (162 ranked) 16 2 131
Passes Intercepted (154 ranked) 18 2 8
Net Punting (162 ranked) 32 3 36.5
Rushing Defense (162 ranked) 16 3 93.4
Team Passing Efficiency Defense (162 ranked) 16 3 99.42



October 8th, 2013 at 12:49 PM ^

I don't understand why a school called Slippery Rock has a plain block S for its logo:


I mean, shouldn't it at least say "SR"?  They're not Slippery University.

Roy G. Biv

October 8th, 2013 at 4:00 PM ^

I'll be that guy: I don't care about SR football and find the whole thing annoying. Not saying I'm right or wrong, it's just not for me. Didn't we go several years without it (latter 90s and into the 00s) and pick it back up only in the last few years? At any rate, it seems a bit harsh downvoting a thread talking about a weekly occurrence at Michigan Stadium.