Skip Bayless and Steven A. make Michigan bet on the air

Submitted by Blueblood2991 on August 4th, 2015 at 1:24 PM

Personally I can't stand either of these two, but they did a 9 minute segment on Michigan this morning on first take.

Steven A. Smith's comments: Michigan will be at least .500, but will be lucky to make a bowl game.  He also said they will lose to OSU and MSU.

Skip, on the other hand, guaranteed that Michigan will beat either MSU or OSU and made a bet with Smith.

Nothing groundbreaking here, just some offseason fluff.





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Darren Gardner is an accomplished lawyer.

Lucky to make it to a bowl game is a plausible statement about a bad team.

Big Blue refers to Kentucky. Kentucky is a bad team.

So I think what he's trying to say is, Kentucky has hired a senior Australian lawyer to oversee its football squad, and that that squad will have difficulty winning a lot of games. Where else can you get that combination of insight and analysis?


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Not really.  I think of First Take as a leper's colony for terrible broadcasting.  We keep Skip and Stephen A and the clowns like them isolated there, they don't infect other shows with their terribleness.  That way, we can just avoid one awful show instead of having to be on guard on every show.  


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I don't hate either of them personally, I just hate the caricatures ESPN thinks they need to be. Skip and Stephen A are just doing what their bosses tell them to do, and they're getting paid handsomely at that.

Don't hate the player, hate the game.


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Except that Skip bankrolls the show ...he is the one that has kept himself on the air through all the different reiterations.

And LOL at the slip up on Gardner ..

Reminds me of the 47-21 ass-whipping of Brady Quinn and ND in South Bend a few years ago.  Tom Hammond of the NBC Olympic gymnastics broadcasts and at that time ND play-by-play guy called our Quarterback BRAD HENNE and our stud Defensive End Lamar Woodland.

Bayless and Smith deserve one another and I love they have the show together - it makes it that much easier to avoid the two of them.



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He has a ton of recipes that I go to all the time.  From basic stuff like guacamole and drinks to pretty wild authentic regional stuff.  Since Mexican tends to be a crowd pleaser (interesting enough but not scary to anyone) and conducive to drinking and fun, I almost always turn to his recipes when we have people over and just about everything goes over great.