Sione Houma game (Credit to poster Spishak)

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Figured I would repost this for you "Spishak" since he doesn't have enough points to start a thread. That way, more people can see this write-up he did:

Can't start a thread, so I thought I'd just throw this in somewhere--sorry if it pops up again elsewhere.  Just got back from Sione Houma's game.  Well, I went to half of it anyway.  His team (Highland Rams; ranked 4th in state in class 4A) was up 35-0 at half and I figured Houma was probably going to be pulled for the second half, so I left so I could watch the rest of MSU's mediocre effort against YSU.

The home announcer pronounces his name, Say-own-ee Hoo-ma.  They have quite a few polynesian players on the team, so I would imagine his pronunciation is correct.  Who knows?

Sione plays OLB and FB/RB.  He almost always is the soul back and lines up in a 3-point stance about 2 yards behind the QB.  Their offense is NOT fancy. They did not once line up with more than two wideouts; they ran 80% of the time; mostly QB keepers.  Houma runs between the tackles and right at the defense.  Very fullback-ish.  Didn't get to see his speed on display, if he has any.  He is definitely a thumper; solidly built.  He is 6', 6'1" in cleats.  The program had him listed as 6'1", 210(!).  Probably 195, IMO.  He played only 1/3 of the defensive plays and they nearly always lined him up right on the DE's ass.  (As a strange sidenote, their program had 22 players listed as RB's.  Highland played onlyHouma in the backfield, though he didn't get many touches.)

His stats (for one half): 2.5 tackles (one tfl); 40 yds rushing, TD, on only 5 carries.  His longest carry was 15 yards. They simply didn't need him much tonight as they had their opponent (Provo) very outmatched. 

The only other player that stuck out was Highland's QB/DB, #6, Anthony Smithson.  In one half, he accounted for 4 touchdowns, 3 rushing--one of them an impressive tackle-breaking, shifty 70 yard run.  He is listed as a 5'11", 185 lb, senior. I could see him going to a D-I as an "athlete." Sorry; no video.  And it would have been boring as hell. Just picture it: 5 up the middle carries.  Maybe next week if there's anything worth putting up.



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Sole, not soul.  Well; maybe soul too.  I wrote this very quickly--leave me alone grammar/spelling nazis.  And bassmaster, he will not be 195 after some time in a real strength program.  Whether or not you should be excited about him as a fullback recruit is up to you.


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Fear not  the attacks of the grammar goons and the snarkocracy.  Most of us really appreciate the first hand info - particularly  from a remote region like Utah.  Keep it coming.... 11+ yards per carry is sweet music.

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I think Hoke has changed the tide on the rivalry. Hell people in Ohio are starting to believe him. Never in a million years I would have thought that. Selling Michigan jerseys is a good start.