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Submitted by PeteM on March 22nd, 2018 at 10:47 AM

I loved this Zavier Simpson profile, especially the anecdote about him letting the rest of his high school team run a length ahead of him before starting the 10 suicides in 60 seconds drill.  Also, I liked but wasn't surprised by the way he embraced the internal competition with Brooks and Simmons, and externally when facing Winston, which just reinforces what makes him so important to this team…



Indy Pete - Go Blue

March 22nd, 2018 at 11:04 AM ^

He has an unusual inner confidence. He is such a winner by nature. The kid tries harder than everybody, and he has an incessant desire to outcompete both teammates and opponents. I saw some brief interviews with him on BTN’s The Journey. I was struck by how confident he is. We are very fortunate to have him as our starting point guard. The best thing is that his career at Michigan is still just starting.


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Especially in basketball, when the old bunch graduates or moves on, I look at the new kids and wonder how I'm going to warm up to them. In the pg example, Darius to Burke, Burke to Walton, now Walton to Z; I think it's a testament to beilein's ability to see these kids already in high school. He definitely has a specific personality type that he goes for and it's awesome. I think it's almost limiting in a way for the big name recruiters; Izzo, Calipari and ksexzhwepfhsky get the physical 5 star specimens and to some extent they already are what they're ever going to be, but Beilein gets to pick the character guys and build them into something better. 

Blue in PA

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after Burke many were expecting a huge let down, Walton stepped up bigtime.  After Walton (and watching Z last year) another let down was expected, Z is stepping up like a boss

Coach B, 'nuff said.


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but it says 10 lengths of the court "suicide-style" so pretty sure that means, run down, touch the far baseline, run back, touch the near baseline and repeat nine more times.

Definitely impossible to do ten traditional suicides (touch FT line, back, touch half court line, back, touch other FT line, back, go full court, back) in 60 seconds.


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The kid has moxy and my son went to Michigan Basketball camp and Simpson was worth the price of admissioon watching him coach.  He's just as intense.