Silver Linings Dept.: Spike Albrecht > Branden Dawson

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Wanted to share this tweet midgame from the Northwest Indiana Times' PrepBeat columnist Steve Hanlon from last night (the NWI Times is like the Detroit News of The Region, except more widely published and read):

Branden Dawson won the NWI Times POY 2 years in a row (here's the article about 2011), joining a list that includes 2008's Zack Novak and 2002's Chris Hunter, and of course 2012's GRIII (and 1989 & 1990's GRII).

Michael "Spike" Albrecht was runner-up, and now:  buyer's remorse? :)




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We will every bit of spike if this ends up happening ...

Chad Ford's mock draft: No. 6 Trey Burke, No. 12 Mitch McGary, No. 15 Glenn Robinson III

With presumably Tim Hardaway jr getting selected in the 2nd round.


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He definitely could benefit from another year. (See my post below about McGary & working on his post moves)

They could both really improve their draft stock, which got me thinking - if they both came back, how high would they go in next year's draft?

Could they both be Top 5 picks in 2014?


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First I love Mitch.  I love the effort, intensity and "dog" in him.  I wish more players had his motor.  Don't we all.

I realize its all about potential but he had FIVE games of excellence.  FIVE.   Not 15.  Not 3 months.  2.5 weeks.

And how much is that due to Trey?  Not the effort but the offense.  When Trey was out in the final Mitch was a non factor (on offense).  Trey helped Mitch tremendously.  Pick and roll and on the drive and dish.  Spike didn't have the same game to do that.  Maybe Walton will (or Spike can develop it).  But that's next year.

Mitch is showing the early portions of a nice mid range game - he had a nice shot off the glass and a few 8-12 foot jumpers.  If he develops that part of his game, he will be ridiculous next year.   But again it was FIVE games - with the best point guard in the country feeding him.

I like him as a poor man's Joakhim Noah (sp?) in the NBA - less athleticism but same heart and desire.  But he should easily be an end of lottery pick with a more developed offensive game next year.

As for GR3 - again athleticism.  He gets junk (needed) points, put backs, dunks etc.  He has an ok outside shot but little in terms of moves.  There are 50 GR3s in the NBA.  He can go and get drafted in first round I am sure, but he could also use another year big time.

THJ honestly I think is more likely to go.  Why?  There is little more he is going to develop IMO.  He is what he is - a streaky shooter with some decent athleticism and good size for a guard.  But he is an end of the bench player in the NBA IMO.  

Burke should go - he has nothing left to do in college.  Thank you for the great 2 years Trey!

Wildcard is this year's draft stinks while next year's should be deep.  So if you just want the money this is the year to go.


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Whereas I agree with your assessments on their abilities and needs, I think I "get" why they would declare.  I hope they stay, but the NBA drafts on potential now, rather than proven ability.  

I totally agree that it's riskier to draft someone like McGary who hasn't shown a great track record of production, but NBA types will look at his measureables and his motor and probably roll the dice.  

I hope they both come back for a little more seasoning.  


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Hardaway has much more upside, but nothing that he'll be able to reach on college. When he can focus on basketball full-time and have an NBA coaching staff behind him, he'll be a role player (or maybe even a star) on a team. He needs to work on body control and consistent form and followthrough on his shot. Also, aggressiveness and the mental aspect of the game. When he wants to take it to the hole, he can, but too often he settled for jumpshots. Just because you see his consistent inconsistency does not mean he will not develop more.

I hope John Beilein at least considers some 1&Done players. He finds these under the radar guys (which takes a great deal of searching) and Beilein develops them into players that could go pro after one or two years. Look at what he's done in a little under a year with McGary, with BA getting a ton of credit too. With a roster of elite talent, who knows what he could do. He could definitely sell the ability to improve draft stock, get started toward a Michigan degree, a pretty open system offensively. I think he is moving in that direction, at least that's what I took from the cameras in the locker room.

Naked Bootlegger

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I hope John Beilein at least considers some 1&Done players

Burke was almost a 1 & done, even though he was an under the radar type. D. Morris left after two years. McGary was talked about as a 1 & done before he swooned in the recruiting rankings, but now is again a possible 1 & done candidate. GR3 could be a 1 & done. Irvin and Walton are very high profile recruits coming in next year. JB's in on Devin Booker, a 5-star 2014 recruit. Not really sure what you're talking about here.