Silver Lining in these coaching changes/rumors

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It’s crazy how much noise you here about guys coming and going. The coaching carousel is in full swing in college football, and don’t see it changing anytime soon. With that said, pro’s and cons to this happening. 

The good is for UM and all other colleges during this process. 90% of recruits signed in the first signing period, so no recruits are leaving. Michigan will be fine however this shakes out. Other coaches out there who could do the job. Personally only a couple guys I would be upset losing, (Warinner/Partridge/Zorich). Rest are whatever. Would love to see Pep go, but think that’s what all UM fans want. 

Lost in this entire thing is what’s best for the kids and players. Great for us as fans to not stress or be upset about what recruits we lose, but can you imagine being recruited by a guy and deciding on a school due to that position coach/coordinator and they bail before you play a down? That’s kind of crappy. I know you don’t commit to a coach, but if you’re torn between a few spots, the coach could be the difference.

Will be interesting to see in future. Do you think more high end recruits (4-5 Stars) will wait until second signing day (February) due to all the coaching chances across football? I know If I was a recruit I would like to see how things shake out before making my final decision. During the current format though, we wlll be ok. Most schools will be. It’s the player who pays the price. 

Can you imagine the turmoil on this site right now with incoming recruits if it was still the old format??? Lol, oh boy. 





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Silver linings to me would be new blood.  New up and comers, not the same guys who've made the rounds (pro and/or college).  Don't need sone big splash name, I want to see young/middle aged guys who have been grinding and perfecting their defense/offense over the last "few" years.  We'll see.

Robbie Moore

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Young guys grinding and perfecting their coaching? I'll name two. Ryan Day and Lincoln Riley. Day's most prominent college before O$U was Boston College. He spent two unsuccessful seasons following  Chip Kelly around the NFL as QB coach and then became OC in Columbus for one season before he gets the big gig. 39 years old. Riley was at Eastern Carolina in 2014. Became OC at Oklahoma in 2015. Now he's talked about as NFL head coaching material.

Point here is that there are a lot of young, aggressive,  innovative coaches toiling in the hinterlands. Get them. If they are good maybe you get three or four years before they move on to head coaching jobs. Then go out and get more of the same. Youth, energy, enthusiasm, ambition and innovation. Just a few gray beards for perspective otherwise go young.


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I know, right?  Just snap your fingers and get an excellent new guy.

That's why various programs like Texas, Texas A&M, USC, Miami, Florida State, Florida, Tennessee, etc., with a collective $1B/year in revenues on the line never had any bad years from picking what they thought would be an excellent new guy only to find that the choice didn't work out.


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"Can you imagine the turmoil on this site right now with incoming recruits if it was still the old format??? Lol, oh boy."

I was softly in favor of "early signing day" --- I've definitely changed my mind on that. 

Coaching changes are inevitable every December.  And it extends into January as well (it will always be a possibility that a college coach goes to the NFL).  Players committing to coaches who may not be there a few weeks later - it's an unintended consequence, as it is, of "early signing day."


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"I know you don’t commit to a coach..."

Not really true—most of the full-time recruiting guys like Webb would say that position coaches can be crucial in the recruiting of HS players, in some cases as important as who the HC is. If a particular position coach plays a key role in recruiting a player for his position group and then leaves, it can very frequently lead to a decommitment if the coach leaves before signing day.


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I think the point is that you sign a NLI with the name of the school, not the coach on it. You should be committing to a place that you want to "play school" at and not just be infatuated with a particular coach or even group of coaches, since as we see, coaches come and go, and it seems the exception rather than the rule now that you will have the same coaches your entire career. Whether or not it plays out that way in the real world is a different story.


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coaching turnover is a good thing - Saban turns over coordinators almost every year - fresh ideas


ask MSU about the lack of coaching turnover *** cough Warner cough **


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The coaches are all professionals.

If DM said he wants to be DC is DB leaves, and was told: Sorry, but no. I don't blame him for moving on, and I certainly don't blame him for taking the best job he can get.

Silver lining is that IF DB has said he is leaving, DM was told no, and we either promote from within or already have a bead on new blood for the program.

I don't see any of this as a slap in anyone's face. Business is business.