Silver lining from MSU loss: feel better about chance to pull one out vs IA/PSU/OSU

Submitted by StephenRKass on October 5th, 2009 at 12:51 PM

I didn't get to watch the game, due to other commitments. However, from all I've read, UM deserved to lose. It was incredible we even had the opportunity to steal a win.

In a strange way, this gives me hope that we can win at least one vs. IA/PSU/OSU. We prob. SHOULD lose all of those games. However, if Forcier stays healthy, Molk comes back, and we continue to have an awesome 2 minute offense, I could see winning one of those three in a tight game we deserved to lose.

It is awesome to feel hope near the end of a game, instead of always sitting on a lead and watching a more aggressive opponent steal a win.

This game only confirms my belief that we will end 8 - 4. I predict a win against Purdue, IL & Del. State, and one win against Wisconsin/IA/PSU/OSU.

I also will enjoy the rest of the season, win or loss. These games are just fun to watch.



October 5th, 2009 at 1:14 PM ^

Negbang if you wish, but what I saw was a team that had a very hard time getting motivated for most of the game. I'm not saying they weren't trying, but they clearly weren't playing with the fire that MSU was. I want a team that is out for blood every game, not one that only flips the switch when they're down two scores with four minutes to go.


October 5th, 2009 at 1:22 PM ^

I feel far less confident in Michigan's ability to win those three games after this weekend. Our offensive line got downright manhandled and Iowa, Penn State, and Ohio State are all much better on defense than Michigan State. It's nice that we have some playmakers who can get the job done in a close game, but there has been no sign in the last couple of weeks that the games against Penn State, Iowa, or Ohio State will even be close in the 4th quarter, barring some kind of miracle.


October 5th, 2009 at 1:36 PM ^

I would agree that IA/PSU/OSU are better than UM. The reason for hope is the following:

1) I think we have much more room for improvement, and will improve more than these other teams. Once you are at a consistently high level, you don't change a lot. For example, IA is playing well on defense, and barring injury, I don't see them changing much. UM, on the other hand, has huge room to improve. As the defense gets the schemes down, they will play much, much better.

2) Molk will return, which could greatly help the OL.

3) If Forcier can lead two scoring drives in such a small time frame, I believe he can do it again.

If I had to pick any ONE game, it would be harder to predict. But I feel more confident in thinking they have the chance to steal one win, form amongh the three.