Signing Day Open Thread

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Can't believe this hasn't been started yet. Shane's LOI is in; first one.



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If Brady Hoke had Urban Meyer's on-field resumé, everybody here at MGoBlog would be slobbering all over him and you'd be one of them.

Your very obvious dislike of Meyer might be well-founded on personal terms, but your dismissal of his proven coaching abilities througout his career is whistling past the graveyard. There is nothing in his record that indicates he won't be a success at OSU, with the single exception of the circumstances surrounding his departure from Florida.

What is it specifically about Meyer that leads you to think he's going to "implode?"


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Well, that wasn't my point, was it? That's why I specifically said you had well-founded reasons to dislike Meyer for personal reasons. And we both know that Meyer's going to have to get caught banging Gene Smith's wife in order to be fired for off-the-field reasons, because the entire OSU administration from Gee on down couldn't care less how much the head football coach cheats.

You still haven't given a reason why you think Meyer is going to implode. Will it be for personal reasons, or will it be for lack of success on the field? And if it's the latter, why do you think he won't be successful? Is it because his coaching competition in the conference is better now than what Tressel had to face?


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I think Urban will have a few years of success at OSU.  I see it being a very short tenure ending badly.  First, you have absurd expectations that are higher than anywhere else in the country, a coach who clearly has enormous problems handling stress, a coach whose former players testified that he ran the locker room so poorly there were players who refused to participate in conditioning, players faking injuries at the request of coaches, and at one point a star player physically assaulting another coach ( "The program...was out of control").  You cannot sustain success with that going on, which is probably why he's never been at one place for very long.  I've just seen this story play out too many times.  Big name, huge ego, tons of hype, tons of talk, but never meeting expectations.  

I predict that OSU will lose two games this year mainly due to a weak front seven, and three the following year with what is shaping up to be a craptastic O-line.  That's when shit will start to hit the fan. 

coastal blue

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Continuing further:

As of right now, according to Rivals, the Big Ten has four 5-star players and 51 4-star players.

The SEC has 13 5-star players and 112 4-star players.

35 of the 55 Big Ten recruits who are ranked as either 4 or 5-star players are committed to Michigan or Ohio State.

BTW, considering that our only real recruiting rival in the Big Ten is Ohio State, with the occasional threat from Penn State, its somewhat sad we haven't won a Big Ten title since 2004. 


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Ohio now number 1 class on rivals and scout. Out-recruited again. Hope our coaching puts us on top on the field. With Borges, I am a little concerned.


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Urban Meyer is a great recruiter and Ohio had an undefeated season.  It would be weirder if they didn't pull in a great class.  Ohio will always recruit well and as long as Michigan does the same, what's the problem?

That said I will agree that seeing better offensive gameplans next year will be important. 

Mr. Yost

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Anyone want to give a recap?

...or is it basically "Michigan signed all of their players committed, Ole Miss is cheating but we don't care because it's hurting the other SEC teams, Ohio passed us on're cancelling our membership"?


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Just throwing this out there but Maryland would be ranked fourth in the big ten team recruit rankings, not really going to be a drag of quality people make it out to be