Sideline Staff for UM/ND to Wear Stars and Stripes

Submitted by Geaux_Blue on September 9th, 2010 at 4:08 PM

Per MVictors, Adidas will be showcasing a "Stars and Stripes" edition of sideline gear via UM this weekend. 

Edit: This post originally discussed a PR individual's gaffe in stating "jersey" rather than "sideline gear." Do not panic. Jerseys will remain the same. The matrix is not real. You took the blue pill. Nice day we're having, eh?



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the white jersey and yellow stripes will remain and the numbers on front and back will be red and white striped

not horrible and way more understandable/respectable than Nike Combat editions


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They have some Michigan hats at the Mden with the block M being done in the Stars n Stripes. I think they have a shirt also that says Michigan in SnS. They really didn't look bad and I almost bought one. They could be abysmall on the football uniform though so I guess we'll see. maybe it will just be on the sidelines in the players hats and all unis will have a larger flag on them or some other commemorative design/logo. If they mess with either teams color schemes it could look wack.


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Looks like this is limited to coaches and staff.  NOT UNIFORMS!!  Thank goodness.  Per the Univ. of Kansas Website.

LAWRENCE, Kan. -- This Saturday, college football coaches and sideline personnel at the University of Kansas and other schools, will honor the men and women that help keep America safe by wearing the Stars and Stripes Collection by adidas.

 On-field staff will wear the red, white and blue themed apparel and headwear to celebrate, honor and thank those who have served the country.

 Fans can purchase these special items at campus bookstores, local retailers and online on athletic department websites, including The items include polos, tee-shirts, hats, visors and knit caps ranging from $16 - $55.

 The full list of adidas universities participating includes:

  • Cincinnati
  • Kansas
  • Louisville
  • Michigan
  • Nebraska
  • Notre Dame
  • NC State
  • Tennessee
  • Texas A & M
  • Wisconsin


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But I will take an official press release from a participating school over an e-mail from a staffer at a PR firm who, unlike us, probably doesn't know the difference between a coaches shirt and a jersey.

That said, until we see a release from U of M we are all merely guessing.


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I'm going to concur with my Ash avatared friend here.  It would be so easy for a PR person to hear Michigan was doing something with adidas apparel this weekend and presume that it was the jersey.  I really have a very hard time believing that the Michigan athletic department would allow anything too major.  A simple flag patch on the jersey, or a small flag motif, especially on 9/11 I could see.

It's David Brandon, trust, but verify.

West Texas Blue

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Yeah, I'm against this.  Aside from minor design changes to uniforms over the decade, there is no need to mess with uniforms, and the helmet should never be touched.  I understand it's 9/11, but there are other ways of showing off patriotism withouth gimmicky alterations to our uniforms and helmets.


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ND is participating alongside us.  So it could be a, um, colorful day out there. 

If we're talking about a uniform patch, I'm fine with that.  Patriotic sideline apparel?  Sure, no problem.  But if we're actually wearing red, white and blue uniforms . . . well, I guess 9/11 is a better reason than some others, but that's too much IMO.


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What wrong with remembering 9/11 with a special jersey?  So what if it looks bad?  One game with alterations to the jerseys for a cause like this is probably more important than whether we like how they look or not.


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But would any of those "many other ways" have us talking about it like we are now.  The concept, along with any other propaganda, is to draw attention to the cause.  Even the mere suggestion of altering the uniform has obviously gained much more attention than some patch.  I'm all for whatever we decide to do, because it's making each one of us remember what that day is about.  I'm privileged to be able to sit on my couch, drink a beer, and watch some football on Saturday, and a little alteration of the uniform just might remind us all to be grateful.


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The PR firm said the following (HT: MVictors)


One of our clients is adidas, and this weekend, in honor of 9/11, several schools are wearing special “Stars and Stripes” jerseys. Michigan is one of those schools, and it’s our job to make sure the media knows about it.

And they let people know on the Thursday before the game. Incredible job to get people in the know and talking about it as quickly as possible.


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Then they became standard, then they exploded into a monstrosity they are now, so that the away jersey doesn't even mean anything.

Changing from one non-classic look to another non-classic look is not a big deal to me at all. Especially when it is in rememberance of September 11

I do hope Adidas doesn't take this as a license to do something goofy for every away game with our uniforms


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because the Nike ProCombat uniforms are actually really ugly to me.  At least Adidas has moved into the 'Modern' without making college football look like a Paris fashion show, ala Nike.  

I just recently started buying more Adidas gear mostly because of Michigan, so what do I know?

(I REALLY liked the '97 Michigan uniforms, though.)