Sid Hartman loses his mind re: Kill v Hoke

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Hello Board:

I just read something that has me flabbergasted. Sid Hartman is a 93-year-old blowhard who used to GM the Minneapolis Lakers, and is famous up here in the Twin Cities for being ridiculous. This comment might take the cake.

He's ticked off that his buddy Bob Knight wasn't considered for the Gophers' job, and he wonders how Richard Pitino can follow a "legend" like Tubby. But here's what he writes this morning:

Still, Pitino might turn out be a great coach despite his youth (30) and having only one year of experience as a head coach.

Hiring a big-time football or basketball coach has been difficult in the past for the Gophers, but some great coaches are out there that haven’t received as much publicity.

For instance, Jerry Kill wasn’t contacted for the Gophers football job in 2010 until a number of others turned it down. Kill was fifth on the Gophers’ list but he has turned out better than the No. 1 candidate, who supposedly was Brady Hoke, who was at San Diego State and was hired by Michigan in 2011. 




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Oh, surprise surprise, another insightful post!

Anyways, Kill does actually have a pretty good record of turning bad teams into good teams.  Not that I don't admire Hoke, but Kill does have some strong talking points.

Took over Southern Ill. U. in 2001.  Went 1-10 first season.  By 2007 they were 10-2 and had been improving every year.  He went 6-7 in 2008 at Northern Ill. U and was 10-3 (undefeated in conference) two years later.  He then went 3-9 in his first year and 6-7 his second at Minn. 

Honestly, the guy has proven that he can make a losing team win.  Hoke just did it a lot faster.




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One guy gets to coach Michigan, one gets to coach Minnesota. Perhaps a peek at the scoreboard is also in order. Yep, just as I thought. No Sugar Bowl win or 58-0 dusting in the little brown jug game for Kill.


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I actually find the fact that Brady Hoke turned down Minnesota one year before getting hired by Michigan funnier for some reason. It's just that Minnesota's AD obvious had a good judge of character, but Hoke wasn't walking across the country for just any program.


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Let's pony up and see if we can hire Kill away from Minny.  Not only is he kicking ass on the field, he's killing us on the recruiting trail as well.


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For the record, Sid Hartman is a senile old man that has spent the last bunch of years making an ass of himself and ruining the legacy that he had. I don't think he represents the thoughts of any Gopher fans.

A twitter search for Sid Hartman will give you a sense of how he represented himself at the press conference today. Apparently he asked something along the lines of, "Mr. AD, you're suppose to be a basketball genius, why did it take you so long?" (Note: The search took 9 days)


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This quote summarizes Sid Hartman's role perfectly in Minnesota's sports media. Despite his age, he remains one of the most connected members of the media and routinely writes breaking information. (This is the first time I heard MN offered Hoke) Because of his age, he is becoming senile and makes statements that make no sense. (Yeah, that Brown Jug is not going anywhere)


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That story Kills me.


Swayze Howell Sheen

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I am very happy to have Hoke at UM (yes this UM not that one).

However, it is really hard to point to 58-0 and thus conclude one coach is better than the other. The only real test of that would be creating some alternative universe where Hoke coaches Minnesota and have Kill coach here. In that case, does anyone really think Hoke and the Gophers would win 58-0?

As Bear Bryant (supposedly) said: "I can take mine and beat yours, and I can take yours and beat mine." Not sure if that's true here. Forceful argument on either side is just guesswork.





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I just don't see how you can consider Kill a good hire.  Minnesota is an extremely long term rebuilding project for anyone and Kill is likely going to have his career cut short by medical issues.  Unless Minnesota gets lucky and Kill can groom an assistant to replace him, they're going to be wandering in the wilderness within a couple of years.  

His Dudeness

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I will never understand the fascination with Jerry Kill. I get that he has seizuers and that is sad and everything, but he isn't a good coach or recruiter. How long can an illness keep someone employed who is unsuccessful in their position? I just don't get it.


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The problem with your argument is that he hasn't been unsuccessful at his position.

His records have steadily improved everywhere he's been.  At Minnesota he went 3-9, then 6-7.  At Northern Illinois he went from 6-7 to 10-3.  At Southern Illinois he went from 1-10 to 4-8 to 10-2 to 9-4 to 12-2.