Sick of losing

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So back in '97 it took a young man by the name of Charles Woodson to decide that he was tired of losing (although at that time it was somewhere in the range of 4 or so losses/year). He got so sick of losing that he elevated himself and the players around him to be bigger playmakers and to step up when we needed a big play. Not saying there is a Charles Woodson on this team I may not see another of those in my lifetime for Michigan. However which person or persons do you guys think would have the ability to put this team on their shoulders and surpass everyones expectations for a year? Offense I think Roundtree and Tate could do that. I'm clueless about the defense and who might be able to take a role and lead them. Thoughts?



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Are the the 2 I think can make the biggest impact for us this year and play to a high level. Martin is a beast and I think going into his 3rd year we need him to become a force in the middle. Turner has the talent to be all world so that is why I threw him as the 2nd guy to step up.


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Being a Michigan fan, you should be able to think of a couple.

Let me help you:

As a freshman at Michigan, Leon Hall played in all 13 of his team's games and made three starts. He finished the year with 26 tackles and three interceptions. Hall was a first-team All-American freshman.

As a true freshman at Michigan, Donovan Warren played in all 13 season games while starting 11 of them. He recorded 52 tackles, 1.5 tackle for loss, one sack, one forced fumble, two fumble recoveries, one interception and six pass breakups. He was named Big Ten Defensive Freshman of the Year by The Sporting News and also made TSN′s and College Football News′ Freshman All-American second team.

Marlin Jackson started seven of eleven games at CB as freshman…had 47 tackles, 35 solo, one stop for loss, one FF, one FR, seven passes defensed, three interceptions and one blocked kick…passes defensed marked most by freshman in school history…was 6-20.0 KOR and 1-34, 1 TD PR…had five stops, four solo, in first career game at Miami (Oh.)…had first career interception against Western Michigan…had three solo tackles and one interception against Penn State…had six tackles, four solo, and two passes defensed against Purdue…had season-high eight tackles, four solo, two passes defensed and one interception against Iowa…had five solo stops against Michigan State…had blocked punt for 43t return against Wisconsin…had seven stops, six solo, against Minnesota…had five solo stops, one stop for loss, one FF and one FR against Tennessee in Citrus Bowl…was freshman All-America selection by The Sporting News…majored in general studies.

And in case you've forgotten...

Charles Woodson became the starter after the second game of his freshman season and played in 34 straight games. In addition to playing cornerback, he returned punts and occasionally played as a wide receiver. Woodson was selected as the Big Ten Freshman of the Year in 1995. He was named to the All-Big Ten First Team by conference coaches, and Second Team All-Big Ten by the media. He led the team with five interceptions and eight takeaways.


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Michael Jordan accomplished the same thing in basketball, but hoops is a very different game.

Football, as you noted. is a game of motivation. All else being equal, motivation carries you a long way. But, if the talent and experience level is lacking, it is very difficult, even with leadership, inspiration, what have you, to win consistently.

As far as the individual players go, the QB often leads. Tate certainly showed moxie playing hard while injured. Not sure about the D either, now that Graham has graduated.

We need time to develop the talent and let the young players get the necessary experience. That should start happening next year and be in full force in 2011. Then, I suspect, leadership will show itself in abundance.


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Uh, I'm pretty sure all 100 or so returning players are sick of losing.

But if you're asking who are going to be the leaders, take your cues from this season.

Look at how Ryan Van Bergen reacted to the blown assignment on the 80-yard TD run against Indiana. He shut down the Hoosiers late in that game with a huge sack which directly led to Michigan's game-winning TD.

Also, remember his sack which led to Graham's defensive TD against Wisconsin.

Troy Woolfolk, by being THE senior, will be the leader of the secondary in charge of aligning those 10 or so new faces. He will be crucial to Turner, Christian, Emilien and Robinson's development.

On offense - Tate has already taken on that role through his post-OSU comments. Molk's return will also be very significant.

Get out of the dumps. There are WAY too many reasons to be optimistic about 2010 Michigan football.

Simi Maquoketa

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That you brought up RVB. I thought he was our second-best Dlineman over the course of the season, and look forward to him being a leader and really making a huge contribution.

I think our leaders (besides Tate who I think will be GREAT) will come from Michigan. Martin, RVB, (gulp) Ezeh (whom I, in the minority, don't have a hate-on for), and even legacy Troy Woolfolk. I think guys like this grow up in the shadows of Ann Arbor and can help spread enthusiasm and passion among the national recruits.

Believe it or else, I also like the unkowns--guys that maybe grew up in Ohio, but got spurned by OSU, say--and guys that only had offers from schools like the University of Tierra Del Fuego and have that ol' chip on the shoulder.


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Are you seriously putting Ezeh ahead of him ?

What the hell does this even mean?

"Believe it or else, I also like the unkowns--guys that maybe grew up in Ohio, but got spurned by OSU, say--and guys that only had offers from schools like the University of Tierra Del Fuego and have that ol' chip on the shoulder."

The guys on our team all had very decent offers and CHOSE to come here. You don't need to insult them with you stupid ass statements

Simi Maquoketa

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That you and your spiritual father jg2112 have gone more than a bit soft.

Oeverly sensitive MIGHT get you laid this Christmas season--I don't know how many chik-flicks are out there--but on message boards it just means you're going to spend a whole lot of time with your panties in a bunch.

The word "even" had no evil context, other than to include Woolfolk in a group of potential leaders. He took his share of criticism from UM fans, which I think was unwarranted, and I think he's going to be very good (he has two years of eligibility left according to Scout).

The UTDF comment was mere hyperbole--being funny--which seems lost on guys who've made it their lives' missions to dress up as Super Slappie and run around fighting the good fight on behalf of Rich Rodriguez.

Now, go powder your nose and relax a bit, Nancy.


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but i am not sure my answer is going to be what you had in mind.

david molk is the only player whose presence made me feel like there was a substantial difference versus the times when he was not playing. if he can come back healthy, it would be great to see the young rbs and qbs riding on the back of this big bulldozer.

let us hope he comes back very healthy and very ornery.


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but I can't comment without actually seeing him play. Tough to imagine a RS freshman being able to step up that much. I do think Martin and Woolfolk can play vital roles. This team desperately needs a linebacker to step up though. Possible that Obi or Mouton finally have things click? Or is it more likely JB or Demens step up?


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I for one have hope that Obi's consistency will improve with another year of having the same defensive coordinator. LB with a changing scheme 3 years running can't be easy. While the obvious argument is that he was pulled for a walk-on *late* in the season certainly doesn't help my position it's possible this off-season will cause him to step up.

I also agree with other posters on RVB and Roh. Those two look like they will turn into monsters over their UM career.


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I could see Tate or Vincent Smith really stepping up on offense up over the next couple years. Roundtree should be great too, but I don't know if I could see him being completely dominant. Gardner could be that guy in a couple years once his QB skills are more polished. On defense,the only person who I think has proven that they could be capable of dominating is mike Martin, but hopefully some of these recruits will pan out.


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When Coach Rod first got his show going, there was no leadership between his first bunch of new guys-who probably didn't want to speak up-and the old guys who were not sure how they were going to fit in. This year the team will be pretty much glued in terms of chemistry and direction; the '97 team had Charles to voice his displeasure, but at the same time everybody was on that team was on the same page and knew what to do. This year will be the first team that is on the same page and knows what to do, at the very least better than the '08 and '09 squads; hopefully we won't need someone to step up and voice displeasure to get results.