Sibert and Weatherspoon transferring from Ohio (YTO)

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JD Weatherspoon and Jordan Sibert have been granted their release by Ohio.  The timing is great for schadenfreude because Ohio didn't have any schollies available so they weren't really recruiting anyone for this class and lost out on the few big names they wanted for Sullinger's assumed (now available) vacancy.  They are only in play for one HS recruit, Della Valle is there starting today, and two transferring freshmen.  It's a good thing Matta doesn't use his bench since he'll only have 9 scholarship players next year. 



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I know he held an offer Michigan when he was being recruited.  I know we don't "need" another shooting guard, but at this point I'm all for depth behind our guards and when we have a spot open, why not take a look?


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Mock the heathen barbarian whence cometh from Ohio, yea verily heap ridicule upon them without ceasing, making it known unto all the world.

First Schembechler, chapter 1, verse 2

Leaders And Best

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Highly ranked recruit that didn't pan out or work in their system and was probably not going to break into the rotation.  May hurt their depth next year, but probably not much to see here.  Smotrycz is a bigger loss than either of these two guys.


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I don't think either of these guys are a huge loss but it looks bad for a program that is on the verge of being elite.  I don't think this helps Matta's growing rep for not using his bench either.  For some reason, Matta can get top 5 recruiting classes but he doesn't seem able to get them over the hump to win a championship.  I think Calipari is slimy but somehow he gets these 5* guys to buy into his system and be happy with their role on the team.


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Calipari gets kids to buy into his "system" by preparing them for the NBA.  There is no pretense of "education" or even winning for the school.  Calipari coaches to the players' self-interest; that means "if you do what I say, and we win a lot, you will be making a lot of money by this time next year."  

Even more than they make from golden handshakes.


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Well, I guess that is what I meant by "system".  He gets them to keep their egos in check long enough for the team to win so the players can win in the NBA draft.  I'm not trying to say Calipari is doing things the right way by any means.  I just think Ohio fans see themselves on Kentucky's level and I was making a comparison of the coaching styles.

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As much as it pains me, I'll just say Matta's record speaks for itself. And as much as I try to, I can't hate his players or style of play. Winning national championships is an unfair way to judge any coach's success. If you can routinely win 25-30 games you are doing a very good job. They have talent but they are not in the UK/UNC realm where it might be acceptable to judge yoursel solely by Final Fours and Championships.


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Motta got many of his great players from IN after Mike Davis pissed off all the IN highschool coaches in the mid 2000's.  He started right around the time Davis angered the coaches and IU struggles started.  He got Conley, Oden, Offett, and Thomas in a 4 year period.  IU getting better is going to hurt Motta's recruiting.


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As for the transfers, they probably won't affect things much, but it is something to keep Ohio fans from laughing about Smot, Christian, and Brundidge.  


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They are also looking to snag a couple transfers, but at this point Della Valle is the only option to come in and play next season.  They better be thanking their lucky stars that Thomas stuck around or else next year would have been brutal.


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Not true about only being in on Della Valle. They are in the top 5 for big man Tony Parker who is expected to announce and sign this Friday. I'm not sure what there chances are relative to the other teams in there, but they're at least in the top 5.


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Is Scott more a point guard though? Or is he a 2 who can handle the point when necessary? And what about Lenzelle? 

Also, I've seen Amir Williams play in high school. I don't know how he will handle 25-30 minutes a game at least. Slow, and overall pretty turrible. However, I saw Jordan Morgan play in high school as well, and I thought he'd never see the floor at Michigan. So what do I know haha


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Well I guess I'm wishful thinking that Scott will finally step up. Yes Lenzelle will probably start, at least at first. But I know Matta wants Scott to start as badly as I do. He's half the reason we didn't have room for Trey Burke so he'd damn well better making the starting line-up next year.


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1 - Aaron Craft

2 - Lenzelle Smith Jr.

3- LaQuinton Ross/Sam Thompson

4 - DeShaun Thomas

5 - Amir Williams

I can see Matta playing Craft and Thomas for 33-38 minutes/game next season. Ross and Thompson will probably split time pretty equally and they're both capable of playing the 2 & 3.  Shannon Scott will be given a few more minutes next season in a similar line-up seen in the latter part of last season with Craft moving to the 2 and Scott running point. Evan Ravanel will come in pretty frequently to relieve Williams as well.


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It was looking like a down-ish year for OSU anyway, and while I don't expect these guys to be terribly missed, they are still warm bodies on a short bench that could have spelled the starters.  Will be interesting to see where they wind up.


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Interesting that these guys retreat when there's a starting position opening for both the SG and PF/C position.  Sibert would've had a definite chance to start next year with Buford's graduation, and Weatherspoon could've definitely competed for Sullinger's starting spot.  Also, both guys are from Ohio and Weatherspoon is from Columbus.  Wonder where they'll go.


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Well, they sat the bench this year and watched Lenzelle Smith Jr., Amir Williams, and Shannon Scott all get more minutes then they did. They also had to hear LaQuinton Ross complain about playing time, and Matta had a decent excuse to not play him (the fact that he was ineligible until Dec.). Matta obviously couldn't convince them of a good enough reason that they weren't playing.