SIAP:Hoke-a-mania driving Sparty out of the state.

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Well not really, but certainly causin them to look elsewhere.

"Now is the best time for Hoke to hit the local recruiting trail hard since he's technically undefeated against rivals MSU and Ohio State. He is selling early playing time at many positions and working with a clean slate. In addition, Hoke can bring in a full class of 25 players, or possibly more, if the Wolverines backdate scholarships."



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I like the "technically" before undefeated.  Have we lost to one of them since January, but it doesn't count somehow?


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I hate to defend the article but I don't see a problem with that.  It is vacuously true that Hoke has not lost a game.  Should we congratulate him (or Rodriguez) for being undefeated against the last 8 years of national champions (Auburn, Alabama, Florida, LSU, Texas and USC) in addition to Florida State, Miami, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Tennessee?

Hoke will (and should) benefit from the fact that he hasn't lost to OSU and MSU.  But he doesn't have wins that he can point to YET.  That is pretty much the proper use of "technically" in my mind.


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from RCMB.  Really, this could be some random poster over there.

Webb is our guy (so I'm biased), but he writes very well and has insights you expect from newpaper article


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Dominate your state and that state to your south (that both start and end in an "o"). Then get the best national recruits out there! Overtime, the more you win the better your recruits both in and out of state, but no matter what Michigan should get good recruits even in our slightly down years!


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Michigan is not expanding it's base nationally. He just fails to mention that Michigan is, and has been a national brand. Spin doctors, God Bless them.


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This was from the scout free board.

The Bowling Green Falcons recruit nationally.

Ryan Burbrink -- Maryland
Denard Turner -- Florida
Darrell Hunter -- Florida
Dominique Wharton -- New York
Travis Greene -- Florida
Scott Hodges -- California
Johnny Joseph -- Florida
Christian Piazza -- Virginia
Anthon Samuel -- Florida
Herve Coby -- Florida
Shaquille Hall -- Florida
Zach Colvin -- Illinois
Matt Johson -- Pa

fire lloyd carr

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The Michigan Agricultural College is the lowest ranked institution in the Big Ten. That is until the community college in Nebraska was admitted.
<br>This is really the end of the shots they will take at Michigan while they are down. Well, the wolverine is waking up from hibernation and is ready to kick some sparty buttocks.
<br>Redemption is sweet. So is revenge.


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Tired Sparty rhetoric :

Dantonio has the luxury of picking and choosing this class.

Dantonio doesn't pressure his kids to commit early.  He only wants guys that truly want to be Sparty For Life. 

Dantonio encourages his recruits to take all the visits they want and thoroughly investigate each and every school. 

Hoke can promise IMMEDIATE playing time (which is flawed logic and bullshit.  Hoke, or any coach with integrity, doesn't promise playing time.  They promise opportunity, but not flat out playing time).

Michigan can take EVERYBODY

Sparty has the best depth it's had in years so recruits might be reluctant to sing on, knowing they'll have to wait a year or two before seeing the field.

Dantonio has a history of letting true freshmen get playing time  (sort of contradicts the meme about so much depth and having to bide their time).

The Hoke hype is getting too big for it's own good.  (  Kids and parents make their own choice.  They've chosen Hoke over Dantonio, resoundingly).

Hiring Mattison masks the fact that Hoke was our 3rd choice.  (Somehow Sparty foregets that the Vest was OSU's 5th? 6th? 7th choice?  and Dantonio definitely was not Sparty's first choice.)

Mattison read the writing on the wall and left Baltimore before being fired (blatantly incorrect).

All that aside, nothing will matter until we beat Sparty on the field.





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They're not my favorite movies, but Clerks is a classic that you should see.  I think Mooby's was first introduced in Dogma though.  Damon and Affleck go to a fast food executive meeting and smite some people.  That was Mooby's.  Then Clerks 2 takes place at a Mooby's franchise where the shenanigans really happen.


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Strangely, a lot of their fans think that the FHH losses they have suffered or might yet suffer (Burbridge is the guy that they are REALLY counting on) have to do with  Dantonio "underestimating" Hoke. I have my doubts there.  Any Michigan State coach knows that  finding a way to outduel Michigan for players is a integral part of the job and is a constant problem. It doesn't get much easier when MSU is good and Michigan is down either.  Which is why a good coach won't stay for very long.   It's a really tough job.

Interestingly, I have heard some of their more informed fans say that the group of assistants he has are on the cheap and not well rounded recruiters like Michigan's staff.  He either has good coaches who aren't good at recruiting, or the reverse. Apparently they won't pay for guys who are good at both.


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There's a few things wrong with this:

- "Backdating scholarships" doesn't get you around the total number of scholarships you have available for your team overall, so that makes no sense.

- Since he used the words "elite national talent" I thought I'd look at who they've gotten to commit since 2008 outside of the midwest.

2008: One 3 star from Georgia. One 2 star from Virginia

2009: Two 3 stars, both from Florida. 

2010: Three 3 stars (Florida, Georgia, Kansas). One 2 star from Georgia.

2011: Seven 3 stars (Cali, Georgia, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ontario - I'll give them international in there). Seven out of 21 commitments. Now to look at the "elite" part of their 2011 class to see if that matches up. The offers these three stars had were:

  • Fuo Fonoti was a JUCO kid. Had a decent offer list including Arizona, Rutgers, and UCLA. Not elite.
  • Juwan Caesar's best offer was West Virginia.
  • Calhoun had a decent offer list including Cincy, Pitt, WVU, Syracuse, and Louisville. Not elite.
  • Andre Sims had two offers, MSU and Tulane.
  • Darien Harris' best offer was MSU.
  • Matthew Ramondo had no offers, besides MSU, outside of Arizona and New Mexico.
  • Colquhoun had three offers from MSU, CMU, and Rice.

Elite was his wording in this, and I have found no evidence of them landing elite national talent. 


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Thanks for the in depth research Tom. I knew they hadn't got any "elite" national players but I didn't know just how pitiful their out of states recruits offer sheets actually were. Nice to see you hate on the Spartans on here and just call their bs. 

In case you read this again though any news on when Dunn will be coming to Ann Arbor as well as the 3 Harrison kids?

Also, what was the potentially 2nd big piece of news that you referred to last week? Obviously, Ross was the big time recruit who was committing Monday but I haven't heard a lot about your other hint for around this weekends possible commit. This was before we knew Mario was a Michigan lean and MIGHT commit (I have really liked how you handled that situation), Richardson was in studio for Ross' commitment, and Dunn was visiting. So I was wondering if there may be another piece of news to be looking forward to or if you just knew about one of these pieces of information before we did.


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come to the good side. Michigan is such a better educational institution and the future for football looks very bright. The rich history speaks for itself. When you were asked what you were most concerned about regarding the osu commitment, you said "I don't want him to get fired...And I don't want a bowl ban," (re: Tre$$ell) Well, maybe you didn't understand  at the time that the vestonfire will be fired or will resign because the NCAA is finally on it. There will be sanctions as well. Go Blue!


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The article is trying to brag. If Sparty were truly doing well with recruits, wouldn't kids be talking about them and listing them as their leader.

Oh wait, that is part of their plan. Sparty is being choosy and they have secret top recruits.