SIAP: Zach Harrison visiting this weekend according to @247Wolverines on twitter

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Zach Harrison visiting Michigan this weekend đź‘€ #GoBlue

— Michigan Nation24/7 (@247Wolverines) October 10, 2018

But I haven’t seen this posted anywhere else



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According to Braden Gall and his colleague at Sirius XM (drawing a blank on his patrner’s name), Crouch rescheduled at Michigan’s request.  They speculated that they wanted him to visit closer to signing day, and they wanted to be able to spend more time with him, as there are a lot of recruits visiting this weekend.  My speculation is that he comes for Penn State.


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I also heard that this morning, on the replay of the Recruiting Nation radio show.  The guest 'expert' was Bart Simmons - who is the one that said the Crouch reschedule was requested by Michigan.  FWIW, he also said that Harrison was a UM-OSU race, with PSU in third; although he believes it's OSU's race to lose based on nothing more than Harrison living in the shadow of the cess pool known as the Shoe..  I hope he's wrong because Harrison did not grow up in the largest truck stop in the country...


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This is a pretty interesting chain of tweets:

So 4 star Jalen Perry, recently decommitted from Georgia, is visiting for the Wisconsin game. He tweets it.

Then, Commit DJ Turner retweets it and Nolan Smith (5 star Georgia commit #2 in the nation) replies "Dang no invite". Nolan Smith and Chris Hinton have been making suggestive comments about Smith flipping. Could just be BS. Worst case scenario could be Hinton and Nolan knowing Hinton is flipping to UGA as Hinton visited UGA recently so theyre fucking with us

Dj Turner replies "You always gotta invite"

Nolan Smith tweets "GA to...." which is usually GA to AA

So long story short we have a clusterfuck of highly rated Georgia boys all discussing Michigan. If we could somehow pull off Jalen Perry and Nolan Smith while retaining Dax Hill and oh man would this be the strongest defensive class in my lifetime. I don't see us pulling off Zach Harrison but if you throw him in there then were talking about one of the best defensive classes of ALL TIME regardless of school. One can dream I guess


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This can mean a lot or it can mean nothing. Now a days Twitter is a pretty good place to get a feel for what recruits are thinking. They drop hints all the time. Its also a place where recruits like to fuck with fans and get their hopes up for their own sick twisted pleasure and need for attention.

Jalen Perry, former Georgia commit, is visiting for the Wisconsin game. He just decommitted from Georgia so its a good sign that were his first visit after decommitting 

Dj Turner, Charles Thomas, and Hinton are trying to recruit Nolan Smith to Michigan. He's a Georgia commit though and #2 recruit in the nation. Georgias bagmen would throw everything they could at Smith to keep him committed to Georgia

This isn't like a Sam Webb "gut feeling" or anything. Just something to watch for people who are deeply interested in recruiting 



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Hope someone tells him the farce Meyer is perpetrating again with the health issues like he did at Florida, and that hes as good as gone, and Day will be coach... I think Harrison goes PSU anyway but at least we will have a better shot.


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Zach Harrison is very far from a lock for Ohio State.  In fact, most of the OSU recruiting sites say it's a three way race between Ohio State, Penn State, and Michigan, with OSU holding an incredibly slim lead over PSU.  Those 100% crystal balls are from long ago in the recruiting process, and the only reason there haven't been changes is because he doesn't give interviews and hasn't really given anyone anything to go on.  

If I were a betting man, I'd say it's less than 50% that he winds up at OSU.  And while Michigan might not be the leader, they are very much in the mix.


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Why is he considered a PSU lean? I mean L Johnson at OSU and Mattison at M. I'll take good education + honest coach + talent development of M any day. OSU would make sense, its a home team and develops D line talent.

PSU? Wut? Why. This is like Jeremy Ruckert going to OSU instead of M level dumb. 


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I haven't heard a peep anywhere about PSU in forever, from what I've heard Zach wants to go to Michigan and Zach's mom wants him to go to OSU, so its a question of who gives in first. Need to get his mom on campus.


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I've heard a range of things, though most are honestly in favor of PSU and OSU. The most telling was that if PSU were closer, he would've already committed. I think that was Lorenz, but I'm not sure. His mum seems to have backed off the emphasis on OSU, however. 


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There was a recent interview of Harrison where his discussion of OSU and Michigan are less than matter of fact-even down beat...but when asked about PSU his eyes and demeanor clearly lighted up. "Between the lines" it was quite notable that PSU was/is in a better place with him. To me, it seems as though the vitriol between Michigan and OSU is intolerable for him-PSU is the safer place for him.


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I could get behind that, especially if Harrison joins Crouch (though I heard he won't show). I mean, if Nolan Smith also came by, how crazy would that be? Assuming that Harrison really is coming, and Smith is interested, it just doesn't make sense, though. They're both WDEs. 

On the other hand, I really enjoyed the elegance of Harrison visiting for PSU-OSU, M-PSU, and OSU-M, seeing all three teams twice in three games. I'll take a commitment over elegance any day, of course.

Edit: I'll be damned, but Smith has announced that he's taking all his visits. However, 'Bama is the only named school.