SIAP: WR recruting.

Submitted by Mgoczar on November 5th, 2018 at 3:52 PM

Seems like there is good amount of recruiting momentum for M. Assuming M lands Z. Harrison (I know I know...but lets assume for the sake of making a point). It'll have 3 5* all on defense. Possibly Q. Crouch another dude slated to be on D. 

Seeing how DPJ, Collins and Black are all 6', 2"+, who is M going to be relying on in the future to catch these PA bombs? Like outside receivers. Question is not just about "WHO", but how important is it for the style of offense M runs to have tall receivers (vs. I guess fast little dudes ala R. Moore / KJ Hamler)




November 5th, 2018 at 4:11 PM ^

The current game plan seems to rely on outside WRs getting over the top of the defense on PA, so speed is most important but size helps.  Coaches clearly still want some outside WRs too, they are recruiting Kyle Ford and Cornelius Johnson, and were after Trevon Raphael in OH who now looks like he won't qualify. 

News has been quiet on the WR front lately, but I'd imagine with recent success they will get active more and may try to flip a guy from a struggling program or could look for a guy who broke out his senior year.

Gentleman Squirrels

November 5th, 2018 at 4:13 PM ^

It's important to have players like DPJ/Collins/Black who are decently fast and are tall because they're matchup nightmares for opposing DC and they have to game plan against them. Not only that, but it also opens shorter passes underneath for TEs, Slots, and RBs. In the end zone you can get away with it a bit by throwing it to TEs but it's definitely easier to have good WRs in that area as well.

We've really loaded up on slot players this year. Ronnie Bell, Oliver Martin, and Quintel Kent are all capable of playing outside, but they have a more natural fit at slot, which is why it's important to get at least one outside WR type. I don't think they have a realistic shot at anybody like that this cycle, but I could see them accepting Amauri Peseck Hickson as a possession WR. Or take a chance on somebody like Trevon Raphael, who's a pretty speedy tall WR but is also pretty raw.


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Bama is running with a bunch of small guys at the WR position right now so its not necessary but its certainly a little like the OT recruiting the last two classes where you'd really like to see some guys or you have a chance of 2020 guys having to start real young. Our WR depth could get real scary real fast if DPJ and Black go pro early if we don't land of Ford or some other outside WR target in this class.

4th and Go For It

November 5th, 2018 at 4:15 PM ^

May not take a big/traditional outside receiver in this class. Not sure we have a puncher's chance at Ford right now and the rest of the guys we've got in the class are more athlete/slot type guys. I think with the ability to recruit and develop pass catching tight ends, it's less critical for this team - good to have but we can pick up a couple guys in 2020 and be ok. It doesn't seem like even with the current crop of giants we have that there's a lot of jump balls or 50/50 type passes. Maybe that's Shea's preference/accuracy, maybe that's coaching?


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WR in the future will be an interesting development in the future classes. I think U of M will have to settle for less rated guys. Harbaugh isn’t slinging the ball around the yard 40+ times a game it seems anymore, and I just don’t think that appeals to high end WR prospects. Winning might negate this, but if your leading reciever only catches the ball anout 3-4 times a game while other schools have 3 or 4 guys with more than that a game, they want to be showcased in that offense. Just my thought.


November 5th, 2018 at 5:24 PM ^

UM has had some great receivers over the years and has never been a school that slings the ball around. Same can be said for any number of other blueblood programs. 

Besides even with the modest passing numbers, the WRs and TEs are a major factor in the O. They are getting some nice down field, highlight throws and that gets people talking. 


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The obvious statement is that it's great to have a combination of both the tall jump ball receivers and the "fast little dudes."  I've too thought of the lack of high end (recruiting stars only) receivers we've been in on last year and this year.

However, I do really like some of the guys we've got coming in the slot/speedy mode.  Additionally, its 99% unlikely that all of DPJ, Black, and Nico leave after their junior years.  The 2020 class will be more important for height at the WR position, as they'd enter school while the DPJ/Black/Nico class will be seniors.

Martin and Ronnie Bell will obviously be around too.  We're in good shape here.

Ron Utah

November 5th, 2018 at 9:43 PM ^

We really don’t need another WR in this class. Kent, GJIII, Giles Jackson, and Sainristil is plenty. Yes, it’s nice to have monsters who are 6’2” or taller on the outside, but I’ll take the talent we have in this class over size any day. Sometimes you just can’t get the perfect recruit. 

It’s worth noting that the offense is evolving.  Guys like Barrett, GJIII, and Giles did not have a place in this offense (and still mostly don’t this year) but the fact that we are recruiting them and running more spread concepts demonstrates M’s desire to make use of their talents.  Expect plenty of slot use in the coming years.

I am very excited about this transition and can’t wait to see our offense add that slot bug element.  I have no doubt that of the four guys listed above, at least one will be great and another will be very good.