SIAP: Wichita State Coach's Thoughts on Louisville's Vacated 2013 Championship

Submitted by FrankMurphy on February 20th, 2018 at 3:38 PM

Hey @umichbball, you guys up for a do-over with @GoShockersMBB? Here's what #Shockers head coach Gregg Marshall had to say about Lousiville having to vacate the 2013 NCAA title. #GoBlue #watchus @mgoblog

— Elliott Polakoff (@KSNElliott) February 20, 2018

Interesting idea. Wichita State is the team Louisville squeaked by in the semifinal.



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Wichita State Roster:

Cleanthony Early
Malcolm Armstead
Carl Hall
Demetric Williams
Tekele Cotton
Nick Wiggins
Fred VanVleet
Ron Baker
Jake White
Ehimen Orukpe
Chadrack Lufile
Evan Wessel


Michigan's Roster

Glenn Robinson III
Spike Albrecht
Trey Burke
Mitch McGary
Eso Akunne
Tim Hardaway
Nik Stauskas
Matt Vogrich
Jon Horford
Josh Bartelstein
Blake McLimans
Caris LeVert
Corey Person
Max Bielfeldt
Jordan Morgan

I know who I would take, even more so if the game was played now.


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Creighton won the conference.  WSU was second, just ahead of Northern Iowa.  WSU's record included being swept by 2 teams that had RPIs over 100 (Evansville & Southern Illinois --- SIU finished last in the MVC in 2013).

WSU earned their 2013 NCAA at-large bid and their Final Four spot.  And 2013 was prelude to a legitimately great 2014 Shocker team.  But I'd definitely take 2013 Michigan over 2013 Wichita State.  

Gulo Gulo Luscus

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Not only superb in college but 2 of 3 earning more than a cup of coffee in the NBA.

Van Vleet is averaging 8pts/3ast in 19 minutes per game and has had a few excellent performances in a primary backup role in the Raptors backcourt. Ron Baker has played in around 30 games this year at 13 minutes per for the Knicks, pretty similar to what Trey is seeing since he joined. Early is currently in the G League.

Occam's Razor

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Man I really want to see what Gregg Marshall can do at a P5 program. 

I remember when he was on the short list for many people here when it seemed like Beilein lost his touch with the basketball program. 


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Beilein is 65 and Marshall is exactly ten years younger, so if Beilein decides to hang it up anytime soon (which should be whenever he damn well pleases, to be clear), Marshall should definitely be on the short list of home run candidates to succeed him.

rob f

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that the brown acid that's circulating around isn't too good?

It was suggested that you stay away from that, but of course it's your own BAD trip that's causing your hallucinations that Coach Beilein seemed to have lost his touch with the basketball program...

Robbie Moore

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Gregg Marshall but screw his idea. We made the finals, the team that beat us was cheating and had their title vacated. The banner is ours! Hang it in Crisler already.

kevin holt

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Yeah, otherwise you have to go back for every team Louisville played. In fact restructure the tourney and let the first team out (UVA?) in. It's way more ridiculous to allow the final four loser into the finals, thus needing one fewer win to win the championship, than it would be to award the win to the runner-up.


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I look at this as Gregg Marshall looking to get UM to schedule him in the OOC. Yes, WSU and UM both loss to L'Ville, but so did 4 other schools that year. Why not invite all 6 of those schools to a Thanksgiving Day tournament at LCPA. Now that could be more fun. 


Not a bad field, 

North Carolina A&T

Colorado State



Witchita State





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I like Beilein's approach:  take the high road, forget about any claim on the championship, and just stay committed to doing things the right way. Vacating wins and banners and money actually does matter to teams and coaches. This hits Louisville hard, and stings.


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Louisville's president's comment: “I cannot say this strongly enough: We believe the N.C.A.A. is simply wrong.”

And WE cannot say this strongly enough: the ref was simply wrong.


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You never know how these things might work out. Wichita State has a pretty good team this year.  They’re a four seed in the latest Bracket Matrix, while Michigan’s a six seed. If Wichita State were to stay at four and Michigan moved up to a five seed, then they conceivably could face each in other in the round of 32 if they wound up in the same bracket.


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You have to hand it to Gregg Marshall. He has done a lot to turn the Shockers from the plural form of a deviant sexual act to a NCAA tournament mainstay. 


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While I wouldn't mind seeing Louisville banished from college basketball, I don't think that the death penalty would stop this kind of cheating from happening again. Not even close.

Short of annihilating college basketball altogether, the only thing that will stop this sort of cheating from happening again is to make compensating players legal.


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at a charity wine event in Wichita. I was wearing my Michigan garb and he came up to me and told me that Michigan did a great job making it to the finals. I thanked him and said he was doing a great job with the Shockers. Never had a VIP come up to me before and I usually don't go up to famous people, so to respect their privacy.

I say we hang that damn banner!


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Players on rosters then play. Proceeds to charity.
Decides nothing but It would be fun but also be a big fuck you to cheaters. Doing nothing doesn’t decide anything either but this is more fun.
I am all for it.