SIAP- Two articles: Calvin Anderson & Jude Stamper

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Both of these are at The Athletic, for which most content is behind a paywall. But I believe they have "freed" the Stamper article due to its popularity.

Calvin Anderson - No clear indication on his choice here (because, one supposes, he has yet to make it), but it does seem like (A) he's down to Texas and Michigan and (B) he had a great visit at Texas last week. The article certainly paints him as having the character of a Michigan Man , but the staff have their work cut out for them this weekend.…

“I think moving on to the NFL is a dream come true, obviously, so we talked about it,” he said. “My dad was telling me I have the unique opportunity to go and try to play another year at a better program, on a bigger stage with more visibility, which would probably increase my draft stock and all that. We were being strategic about it.”

Jude Stamper - Thorough profile of 12-year-old teammate of MBB, and of course further evidence that John Beilein is an excellent human being.…

Soon after, in late August, Beilein hired Chinedu Nwachukwu as Michigan basketball's new director of program personnel. Beilein told him one of his first tasks was to contact Team IMPACT and get the ball rolling. Nwachukwu called McGeehan and, just like that, an alliance was formed and lives were changed. “Oh, I have just the kid for you,” McGeehan burst when Nwachukwu reached out.



Gentleman Squirrels

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Word on the Texas blogs are that they absolutely knocked it out of the park for his visit. He hung out with a former high school teammate and their freshman QB who is also attended that school, and seemingly has a good relationship w/their o-line coach. Texas is also close to home for Anderson so they've got that going for them. It seems to be a Texas/Michigan battle with maybe Michigan have a plus on academics but that really depends on what he wants to learn (and he's already got a pretty good degree from Rice as it is). They also mentioned a March 25th decision date (his birthday) but idk if thats really true.


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Michigan certainly has some hurdles to jump over, but what it can sell over Texas is the NFL.  A much more experienced coaching staff, all the players just dropped in, and higher expectations than Texas has for this season.  Won't be easy, but there are valid selling points that UM has a solid lead in...


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the past three years, but Anderson seems the type who will focus on his position. The question is, how much of a mess has Texas' O-line been compared to our ten year run? Also, what is the depth chart at his position / what is his liklihood to play?

He'll be balancing these questions against the safety of staying closer to home with people he knows.


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Drevno is hanging out with Anderson today and he is visiting Michigan this coming weekend. I think we get Anderson. I know he had a good visit to the local school, but we killed it with his in-home already, impressed the gf (weird but it matters I suppose), and now get him on campus last. We have more to offer, IMO - brand new facilities, better OL coach with experience in the NFL, and we will have a better season than Texas. I'm not sure the history of Herman's OL, but our offense will look more like an NFL offense this year than UT's. I bet we land Anderson.


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be fantastic if we could pull this longshot in. I say longshot because of the local boy thing.

I'm stating the obvious, but in a tougher recruiting environment after a transition year, I think Harbaugh and staff have shown a good capacity for filling holes. This would be a GREAT get.


yossarians tree

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This works if he's attracted by the idea that we are not in Texas. He's lived his whole life there, played 4 years there. Maybe he's thinking if it's just for one year, why not do something different? He's an older guy, not a freshman, and he's obviously very intelligent. Time to broaden your horizons.This would be one of my selling points.


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Texas has 2017 starting LT and RT returning for 2018.  Anderson would be competing with players that have more game experience at the tackle positions there. 


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Kind of. They've got guys coming back who started 10 and 6 games. Their best OT is Connor Williams, who is projected by many to be a 1st Rd pick this year, and he left for the NFL. However, he was hurt for much of the year, which allowed Kerstetter (So.) to start a bunch of games. Anderson would probably be competing with a true sophomore who started 10 games last season, which should be advantage Kerstetter.