SIAP: PFF Grades for MSU/UM

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Scanned the board and didn't see this already posted.  They really liked Speight, Darboh, and Peppers, which I think we all saw coming.  Beyond that however, their grading shows Hurst and Charlton had monster games.



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I'm not sure if it was Taco specifically, but there certainly were a few times where gap-responsibility seemed to be forgotten and our front 4/7 somewhat over-pursued.

Again, I'd have to re-watch, not saying it was Taco. But there were a few rushing lanes that we ourselves seemed to create.

Also LJ Scott is simply a great back, maybe the most valuable player on their  entire team.


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Yeah, if that's having a great game, then I'd hate to see a bad one.  All I can see when watching the replay is Taco getting pushed around by Price in Sparty's first three offensive series and losing the edge for big chunk plays.  I get it that he was being held a ton, but cmon, one can still protect the edge while being held if he stays in his lane.


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Exactly. I've been watching Michigan football for over 30 years, I have no idea what the hell people continue to question or complain about. Exactly which tools does he not have to be a successful QB for us. What was Brian Griese that Speight doesn't far exceed on the field in terms of tools? To say Speight can't lead this team to a NC is just moronic and totally clueless. By the time it's all over he will likely have won more games in 3 years as starter than any other 3yr run for a Michigan QB.

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I am with you brother. The kid is 9-0 now. When hes not escaping and making olays, he takes hits while also delivering ball. Had an awesome one where he held right and got creamed and waited til Darboh came clear and got drilled.
Speight is a revelation. We are seeing the early years of one of the great Michigan Qbs, but many don't realize it yet. He will play on Sundays as a franchise qb.


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since Brian Griese was playing. So it's not really a relevant comparison.  

Pro Football Focus, which is an unaffiliated service that wouldn't be biased or overly critical graded him as an average QB for the first six games, which isn't that good for a team with champtionship goals. He's been much better the past two games since the bye, even by his admission and it seems the complaining has stopped from anyone reasonable.