SIAP - OT - Cristobal takes off the interim tag

Submitted by The Mad Hatter on December 8th, 2017 at 2:45 PM

About 70 Oregon players signed a petition lobbying for Cristobal to take over the program. He was named interim coach for the team's Dec. 16 meeting with Boise State in the Las Vegas Bowl. 

The push now is to keep defensive coordinator Jim Leavitt on as defensive coordinator. He wanted to replace Taggart as head coach, so it will be interesting to see if he is willing to remain at Oregon given that he was passed over for another assistant.



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It's cool that this many guys supported him, however this could be a bad idea because the person the players support is not always the best for the job. Leavitt is a solid coach and if they keep him that's good for them.


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I went to Alma for soccer. We were pretty good, ranked 16th in nation for our division, made the NCAA tournament. The star player on our team became one of the assistants after the season. I was only there my freshman year due to my lax treatment of the academic side of school. However, the following year the team made the final four. After that season, the head coach left to coach his alma mater in Pennsylvania. As Alma was searching for a new head coach to continue the recent winning tradition, the players pushed for the assistant who was the star my one year there. They went so far as to threaten to transfer if he wasn't given the job. The AD relented, and the new coach immediately ran the program into the ground and was fired in 4 years. I haven't checked in a while, but last I knew they still hasn't recovered.

Mpfnfu Ford

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Is when Miami Hurricanes players demanded Larry Coker be hired to replace Butch Davis instead of Barry Alvarez, who had agreed to take that job. What a world that would have been.

I think players going to bat for Dabo played a part in him getting the Clemson job, but that was also based on Swinney accepting an insanely low guarantee for his contract with tons of incentives built in instead. 


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Tractor Traylor (RIP) said he'd leave for the NBA if Ellerbe weren't named coach.

The Michigan Administration failed to consider the following truth table:


Tractor Traylor
Ellerbe not named coach: Leaves for the NBA
Ellerbe named coach: ???


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This has been the craziest year for coaching changes in quite some time.  It probably isn't over either.  There will be one or two who are canned after the bowl games, and then you still have the coaching carousel going on as the opennings are filled.  Last one filled is usually screwed.


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Guy built FIU from literally nothing and was fired for no reason and then became a recruiting ace for Saban. 

No real reason for Oregon to rock the boat and implement a new system, this makes a lot of sense. 


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would be just as big as making Cristobal the HC. Leavitt is a damn good DC and probably should be an HC sometime in his career. That would be a big loss if he leaves.

Couzen Rick's

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This is an underrated hire imo. FIU was a laughingstock before him. He won a conference title and went to back to back bowl games, building it up from a nothingburger. They surprisingly fired him after 1 bad year and became a laughingstock again upon firing him in 2012. It wasn't until this year when FIU hired Butch Davis that they recovered.

In the meantime Cristobal became OL coach under Saban and was ranked the best recruiter in the country in 2015. 


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Normally, I would be dead set against letting the players pick the coach. But I have always liked this guy. I wanted Hoke to hire him as o-line coach but Saban got to him instead. Really nice hire for Oregon.


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Leavitt struck a player in the locker room.  USF school officials found that Leavitt was not truthful about what happened, and also found that he had interfered with the investigation. Leavitt's interference, which included telling several players and coaches to change their stories was the biggest factor in the decision to fire him.