SIAP: Jay Feely prom "controversy"

Submitted by Magnus on April 23rd, 2018 at 8:49 AM

Former Michigan (and NFL) kicker Jay Feely took a prom picture in which he stood between his daughter and her date. No big deal, except Feely was holding a pistol as a joke. ("Take care of my daughter, or else.") Some people have made this into a serious offense during the recent gun debates.…

I haven't seen this posted, and the Google search doesn't seem to be fully functional. So feel free to take it down if it was already posted.



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But if this were a former OSU player, would the sentiment be "how can someone be so tone deaf". The issue is social media. Why does everything have to be shared with every Tom, Dick, and Harry on social media? Once you do that, you allow criticism and scrutiny.


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But while this post is still up, I’d add that this is no big deal IMO. Kinda funny to be honest. Edgy and promotes discussion.

But political nut jobs will be sure to end this thread soon.

Blue in PA

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People need to get over themselves.  Demanding apologies for things you don't agree with is getting old.....


The adult equivalent to a child's temper tantrum for not getting their way.


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I think we should expect more from a Michigan man.  I'm always somewhat uncomfortable with the underlying psychology of these "Dads Against Daughters Dating" types.  It's just creepy subconsciously.  Just let it go Jay.  You'd be better off handing the guy a box of rubbers, because you can be sure they're going to fuck, so they should at least be safe.


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On the contrary, I think it's a necessary societal expectation that young men (and women) feel the pressure of others who are expecting them to behave responsibly. And nobody else in her life is going to exert that pressure other than the parents of that particular couple.

Kids want to "have fun." Parents don't want them to "have fun." I'm sure that fear staves off more than a few kids from doing things they shouldn't do, which probably results in preventing a few pregnancies and such.

I'm not saying it's 100% effective. Far from it. But I'm sure it's effective for some.


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any daughters?   what a foolish thing to post.  some of us believe ladies actuallly have the ability and self control to know if/when it might be a good time to engage in relations.  and guess what, 'marriage' is a great time to do so.  train them up in the way that they should go, and when they get older they will not depart from it.  



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The picture doesn't bother me.  The fact that it was posted to social media was a dumb move, though.  This is one that you keep to yourselves as a family and chuckle about it.


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The article says that it was a joke based off a scene in Bad Boys 2 (the linked clip in the article is hilarious, btw). 

Calling attention to this only takes away from the larger issue (not to be discussed here, because of no politics). It's a joke.