SIAP: Hoke hopes boos were for him (Edit: Also, sort of addresses injuries?)

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It kinda seems like Hoke's been getting in trouble for his media demeanor in the media.


After a series of miscues late in the second quarter, fans began to show vocal signs of disapproval, as boos rained down on the team as they headed into the locker room for halftime. Hoke just hoped for one thing out of it.

"Hopefully those boos were at the coaches and me," Hoke said. "Not the players."

Earlier this month, Hoke caught some flack for noting that true fans will support the players, and those that aren't true fans will not. Both statements echo in the same vein.

Not heartwarming, but better?

EDIT: There is also this:

Hoke also discussed Michigan's injury situation again, and the main focus is naturally on junior wide receiver Devin Funchess, whose status is up in the air.

"We'll make a game-time decision on those guys," he said, referring to not only Funchess, but junior safety Jarrod Wilson and senior cornerback Raymon Taylor as well.

I thought we didn't talk about injuries.... Admittedly, not a functionally different response from not talking about them all together, but a very different way of relating the same information.



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I won't rag on Hoke for the comments, but aren't the boos always for the coaches and not the players? Anyone booing a 20 year old kid should probably rethink their life in general.


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A lot of people including Brian Cook and mods on this board bad mouth the players.  I've been banging this drummer for years and you guys refuse to understand that you contribute to the culture of negativism toward the players and coaches. Ask anyone that reads this board what Brian and the mods call Nick Sheridan.


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Sadly, a lot of "fans" say terrible things to players on the intenet and yell terrible things about them at the games.  

If a Brandan Gibbons or a C'sonte York gets lambasted by fans, it's because they deserved it.  But when someone like Devin Gardner, who is working on a graduate degree, has worked his ass off and has never done anything off the field to embarass the school, gets treated like crap by so-called "fans" in comment fields or booed during games, it's not the least bit appropriate.

Brady Hoke may not be doing everything the way the media want him to, but this was a very good statement on his part.


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I can say personally that after going to class and actually interning with a player currently (Gardner) it has become impossible for me to boo them. The work they put in is incredible.

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I logged in, just to respond to your message, to put things in proper perspective for you.. Let me preface this by saying that I do not boo the players...  however, your comment about booing a 20 year old should "rethink their lives"... well, according to you, these 20 year old adults should get everything great that goes with being a Michigan player, for a lifetime, from other paying adults, and not even a boo now and again?  Seriously think about that....  if they do not "deserve" that, then neither do they deserve being anoited, being incredibly entitled, and benefit from all the history behind them, that they simply aren't living up to.  Again, I have never booed the players, heck, I haven't been back to a game since 1995....and I would not judge other fans if they were to do so....  the players should know that nothing is free in life, and they are reaping benefits like no other..... and that it truly is a privilege to don that uniform.   If you want to give them the "kids" free pass all the time, then don't give them the uniform, and put some mentally stronger people in its place... maybe then we will win again.    All the talk about football making the players "men"... give me a fucking break.... you and they, cannot have it both ways.


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To be fair, the comment about "true fans", in my understanding (and I could be reading too much into it - I just didn't get the sense that it was the sort of slam some people thought it was), was far more about the unnecessary attacks players were experiencing on social media, so while the use of "true" was perhaps not the best here, I think he was trying to put the responsibility squarely on the staff, much like he is doing here. Hoke has been very consistent - really from the beginning - in this message that public criticism should be directed at him and his staff, not the players. I don't mind coaches trying to stand up for their teams like that really. 

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.             Hoke MISSTATING what he was thinking and when he THEN said he was misquoted, he AGAIN MISSTATED the idea he was trying to convey....

That point,  - THE POINT, was most likely better stated and reflected in his radio interview quote.

But by all means lets ride and beat this one to death along with his horrible knack for creating a family atmosphere and the manner in which he wakes his team up.  


In the end  - FERGODSAKES!  -- are all of us "True Fans"  that sensitive?