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Submitted by RationalMSUfan on April 26th, 2010 at 3:00 PM

D. Arnett was at the MSU Spring Game on Saturday. In an interview by Rivals he listed MSU as his favorite.

HOWEVER (this is a giant however), MSU is only a slight favorite over his other leaders (not listed but UM, USC, OSU, etc.) and he isn't making a decision until after his Senior year.

Therefore, I don't think this means much other than MSU will be a contender.



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Once Kiffin and his hostesses land in Saginaw, all bets are off.

I think the UM coaches can see this. Which is why they accepted the Conway commit so early, and why they're offering other WRs, despite only having room for 2 in this class.

Arnett is a stud, and the out of state schools will be all over him.

Only thing that could possibly keep him in state:

1) A resurgent Michigan season (I'm talking an unpractical 9+ win season), plus probably a #1 jersey.
2) Wanting to stay home and be BMOC at MooU. He'd just be another fish in the sea at the likes of USC and 'Bama.


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That's an interesting point about the #1 jersey.

That's one advantage Michigan has to offer Arnett, since the #1 jersey is basically a guaranteed ticket to the NFL via an early round selection, and the kid would almost certainly be worthy.

At a minimum, it will give the player who wears it a lot of attention they might not otherwise get, even in RR's run-heavy offense.


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Thanks for the update Rational.

I must say, your posts are a breathe of fresh air compared to the meltdowns that were occurring on this board last night/this morning. Thanks for the sensible posting.


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Nice to see he made it to the spring game but like many others I don't see him being a Wolverine. There is no denying he is a talented player but after landing Conway I won't be that upset if we don't get him.


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Without being disrespectful to Mr. Conway, he is not in the same category as Arnett. D. Arnett is a sure fire top 100 recruit (potentially top 25) and can literally go to any school he chooses. Conway, not so much.

Conway may go on to a fine career at UM, but I can assure you that RRod will not stop recruiting Arnett because he has Conway locked up.


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I don't think he will stop recruiting him either, nor would he. Arnett got the early hype and is highly regarded however Conway is starting to receive some hype as well. We were lucky to get in on Conway early because I could see his offer list growing. Arnett would be a great get but I just don't think we land him at this time. A good season may be all the recruiting RR needs to sway him our way. So yes I agree he is a great in state talent and don't understand where you got we should stop recruiting him from my prior post?


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Arnett and Conway are complementary players, we'll clearly continue to recruit Arnett. I think the point was RR wasn't high on our chances to get Arnett, so why not take a WR with huge upside who will only compliment Arnett if they were on the field at the same time.

Those two paired with one of our ninja slot WRs...drool...


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What do you guys think would happen if both Sammy Watkins and Arnett wanted to come, could we take 3 WR if it were those two plus obviously Conway? I mean theres talk that this class could only be 15, probably will end up bigger but i dont know how we could turn down one of the WR.


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Lets just say, if either MSU or UofM have a poor season.....i can see him going elsewhere. Until then we can talk up opinion all day and night. As for me, i will wait till his decision comes through and hope for the best...Go Big Blue!

Nosce Te Ipsum

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This is for RationalMSUFan. Why are people using Spartan Nation when referring to MSU now? I guess it is a superiority thing but besides the people in Michigan I don't know of anyone who roots for them. Maybe Ohio.