SIAP: Another Auburn football investigation.

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searched site using auburn football as keywords an nada.  Bang away if I missed it.

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The coaches cruised around to various high schools during the spring evaluation period in stretch limo Hummer that first year, and ended up with a class that was ranked near the top nationally by just about every recruiting service. In fact, it was so successful, that in 2010 Auburn decided to ditch the Hummers and roll out in giant buses with Auburn-related images painted on the sides.


True Blue Grit

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Easier to hide the hookers.  Plus  you can have a little tatoo shop in there as well as a big cocaine party.  Those good 'ole Auburn boys - what'll they think of next?


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I don't know, though, surely it feels perhaps a bit less shady to at least be blatantly driving University painted vehicles? Emphasis surely on "less."