SI ranks 2012 NFL Draft - Molk not so good

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Overrated: David Molk, Michigan -- Molk is considered the top center in the country by a number of scouts, yet in our opinion there are better senior centers in his conference. Molk lacks size as well as strength in the middle of the line and is constantly getting pushed aside by opponents.

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But he is a good college player



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I think alot of scouts think that Molk is a Jeff Saturday type center, small but plays smart, thats why they rate him high. Watching the Colts over the years, I don't think Peyton would have become as successful without the help of Saturday.


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That's what I'm thinking.  I think Molk let's D-linemen take themselves out of plays quite a bit by using a step back and then shifting the rusher's momentum to push them where he wants them.  Look at the first play in the O-line summary on the main page to see this.  At first glance it looks like he's being pushed back until you realize he's opening a huge hole and that he meant to ride the guy out of the play.



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Sweet. We must already be only 8 months away from the draft.

Someone explain to me the value and merit this article has on NFL scouts/GMs/coaches.


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But saying he lacks strength is a bit strange.

Regardless, I think this is the best possible article to come out at this time. Molk already has a raging fire of intensity going inside, and this will only serve to turn up the dial.

According to the team pages on

Starting center for the Patriots is 9-year veteran Dan Koppen, listed at 6-2 and 296.

Starting center for the Saints is 13-year veteran Olin Kreutz, listed at 6-2 and 292.

Seems to me Molk is easily within range of those physical attributes.

Cool One

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Lacks size? What is he 290lbs? He's also a beast in the weight room. It's not like he can't put on a few pounds. This IS great motivation though if someone can put this in his locker. He's got a year to dominate and the draft will take care of itself.


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This writer must be one of those guys that said not to waste a draft pick on Tom Brady because he was too slow at the combine.  Seriously?  It's a pocket quarterback - his job is to be a statue back there and NOT run.

NFL scouts are far from infallible.  In that 2000 draft, only 13 of the first 31 picks ever became probowlers.  From rounds five and on alone (including undrafted players), there were 11 future probowlers:


Todd Plate's n…

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"better centers in his conference..." is a touch misleading.  yeah, brewster is considered by many as the best in the nation, so yeah, being the 2nd best in the big ten this year isn't exactly a knock on the guy's talent.

lacks strength?  isn't he on mike martin's level in the weight room?


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Michigan fans have a tendency to overrate their own players.  There were plenty of people on this board who thought Alan Branch should be a 1st rounder, that Donovan Warren would be a superstar, etc.

Rather than getting fired up about what one "scout" says, let's just see what happens on the field and in April's draft. 


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I didn't want to say anything, but I was thinking Molk was a total wimpy thing, as well. Yep, he's truly the Urkel of Big 10 O-linemen. It's amazing his neck is strong enough to support the helmet.



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Molk got a ton of penalty flags last season. I've never felt he was as good as Brian and the community here believe he is.