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Gary at 5 seems a bit high but so is everyone in Canada today so I approve!



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Bush at 19 seems wayy too high.  If he left after this year, I doubt he'd even get drafted at all.  He could use one more year in college.

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I am in Canada now and was really bummed to hear they won’t have retail sales up and running until April.  Don’t know if that’s nationwide, but that is the case in Ontario.   E-commerce only.  You need to have a Canadian “gift you” some of their weed.  So, no Canadian reefer for me until around my birthday.  Seems like a good reason to come back here.

Chalky White

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You won't have to wait until March. You will be able to get weed in Michigan. Michigan will be able to meet the demand. They say Canada won't have enough supply to meet the demand for another two years. I heard Michigan is already 4th in marijuana sales ahead of a lot of places that already have recreational use legalized.


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Granted we are LONG way from being good yet but I have to say how nice it is, as a Browns fan, to NOT be thinking about the draft 6 weeks into the season.  Usually by now we've had many discussions about who to pick and why and have completely given up on the year by now.

And did anybody see PFF issued their rookie D lineman grades yesterday?  #1 was a guy by the name of Deshaun Hand (sigh) and right behind him was the steal of the draft Mo Hurst.  Cannot fucking believe he slid to the 6th round.


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Is it selfish of me to think Shea hasn't proven enough for the draft and should come back next year and work his way up to the first or second round? 


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Shea could play himself to 1st round with Michigan making a run to CFP.  His draft stock could sky rocket starting Saturday. If Michigan falls flat the second half of season, he may be a 2nd or 3rd rounder if his play is not the reason for a 2nd half swoon.

For the record, I think Michigan wins out this year. MSU is a good team, but Michigan is becoming a great team.  I believe Michigan handles their business Saturday. Penn State this year is not the same PSU of last year on either offense or defense. If Michigan is focused they will take care of PSU, IN and of course Rutgers. This leaves us OSU.  I have watched a lot of OSU football this year. Talent everywhere but something is missing.  The Oline is poor at pass protection.  The defense gives up lots of big plays. Haskins with time is very accurate but is easily rattled with pressure. This is the most confident I have been since Harbaugh arrived that Michigan may be the better TEAM.  Not the most talented, but the better TEAM.

This is the year that all the demons are exorcised.  We square up with MSU (2-2) and beat a top 25 team on road (MSU).  Michigan came back from a 17 point deficit against a good NW team on the road. Beat a top 25 team in prime time (Wisconsin). The beat down at Happy Valley last year is avenged by a beat town in the Big House. Beat OSU next month, play in B1G championship vs Iowa, WIN and make an appearance in CFP in year 4!


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Shea isn't going to be a 1st round pick. Only two who are locks to be a 1st round picks are Herbert from Oregon and Haskins from OSU. Drew Lock could be in it but he has been too inconsistent. Patterson isn't anywhere near top 5 which means he wasn't being looked at as a potential 1st round pick. Everything I've heard points to him being a day 3 pick


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I think that in a vacuum, his hesitance throwing against zone and flightiness in clean pockets could be smoothed out with another year here and benefit his draft stock and long-term prospects.  But with the flatter rookie pay scale, it makes too much sense for NFL teams to take shots at QBs early.  That in combination with a weak crop at QB in draft (from early evaluations) would probably mean a departure would pay off for Shea.


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Shea would be a mid round pick right now. Could he improve his draft stock this year?  Sure it would mean leading UM to the CFP and playing incredible football the rest of this season then he could probably land in rounds 2-3. If he wants to go higher he needs another year in college

For the rest of our players I expect Gary to leave but he really hasn’t done much this year to deserve a top 10 pick. Bush could be a 2-3 rounder but not sure anyone else would go that high and would be wise to stick around another year especially guys in the secondary just check with Donovan Warren 


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Kind of disagree on pt. 2 here.. Feel like Gary being out last two weeks is clouding your thinking, he's been dominant when he's been on the field. Plus he continues to suffer from all the great players around him getting to the QB/making the play before he's able to get there. And with Bush, I think his size is going to lower his upside in the draft regardless of whether he goes this year or next. I don't think he'll have much more to prove in his senior year that'd bump him up on draft boards that he hasn't already proven in his soph/jr year.


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If the season ended today, I can't imagine he would be drafted in the first couple rounds. He looks good, but the sample size is too small and his play has been a little up and down. 

However, he has at least three huge games (and maybe more) to prove himself, plus Rutgers to pad his stats. He could clearly be ready, clearly not, or somewhere in between by the end of this season. We have to wait and see. 


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The draft isn't necesarrily about past stats, but future potential as well. Teams want to see room for growth. If you have the measurables to be an NFL guy, teams will take you. 

The guys who have the stats and the measurables are the ones going in the first round. Shea could absolutely still play himself into the first round this season, especially if the team keeps winning and the spotlight on Michigan gets bigger and bigger.

yossarians tree

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I don't think the NFL really cares about wins and losses. They size up players like a good horse trainer sizes up a young colt. It is about physical tools and intelligence and the potential for development. I believe Patterson would go in the middle rounds as a developmental player and not somebody's immediate franchise savior, and I'm not sure that another year in college would change that very much. I think he goes to the NFL--where he has all day every day to work at his craft with zero restrictions. Oh and a paycheck would be nice too.


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I agree with you. However, the problem for Shea is that he doesn't have the measurables as far as I can see. He's a smaller than ideal NFL QB whose combine height is going to be far less than his listed 6'2. He pretty quick and shifty but he's not amazingly fast either. 

He's a guy who needs to ball out in college to show NFL potential. Right now he played half a season in the SEC and half a season here. He's been above average so far, but I don't think that's good enough for a massive NFL payday.

Of course, the meat of our schedule is still ahead of us. If he wins us a tough game or two on his own, making elite throws, he might be able to prove out before the end of the year. 

I'm not one of those people who selfishly hope that he stays another year. I'm thankful he came here this year and immediately elevated our QB play. If he wants that money ASAP I wish him all the luck in the world. 


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Dwayne Haskins is a first rounder? I have to be missing something here. 

I mean, I know his stats are off the chart insane, but I just don't see his game translating to the NFL. Not to mention, going pro after 13 starts is crazy. Honestly, it's sad to say, but his two best throws are still those two he made against Michigan last year. His whole game this year has been wide-open bombs and screen passes.