SI-Biggest upset of decade

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ugh--according to SI
BIGGEST UPSET: Appalachian State 34, Michigan 32 (Sept. 1, 2007)
While parity has softened the magnitude of many upsets, there's no overstating the shock of a I-AA team (albeit the defending national champion) knocking off the nation's No. 5 team and all-time winningest program in front of 109,218 spectators. The Wolverines boasted stars Chad Henne, Jake Long and Mike Hart, but Mountaineers quarterback Armanti Edwards stole the show with 289 total yards and four touchdowns. Corey Lynch's last-second field goal block sealed it.

Horrible, horrible day! Worst day ever.



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This game never happened. I am so sick of the mainstream media making up stories just to take shots at Michigan. As I remember it, September 1st, 2007 was a bye week that I filled with copious amonts of drinking. Though that would not explain the 0-1 record going into the following week. Damned media bastards again, methinks.


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But how else would you quantify which upset was bigger and which one is the biggest of all time?

If you want to go with public perception Michigan ASU was the biggest upset of all time.

If you want to go with what vegas puts as the biggest upset of all time it was Stanford/USC.


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It is very possible that ASU could have beaten Stanford in 2007 or that they could have been a middle of the pack Big Ten team. They were good, no doubt.

However, I have accepted that the Horror is without question the biggest upset. USC had no choice to schedule Stanford. It was part of the conference schedule. It is a rivalry game, at least from Stanford's perspective. It would be like Michigan losing to a bottom feeder Big Ten team in a game they were heavily favored in, which has happened. Michigan, on the other hand, went out and hand picked ASU in order to add a 12th game. You don't pick a team like that unless you are confident that it's a victory. I don't care how many consecutive championships ASU won. They were I-AA. Michigan was preseason top 5. There is no defending that loss from what it is. Worst Loss Ever.


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in the final 2007 Sagarin ratings, a few spots in front of MSU, whom we beat on the late fourth quarter Henne-to-Manningham TD. In reality, it wasn't that shocking. The 2008 ~130th-rated Toledo, was much worse. That's not that far from Baby Seal U territory.

Seems to me that 2002 (season) 17 point dog tOSU's victory over Miami in the NC game was a bigger upset.


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that you're not the person we think you are, but you act a lot like him. i just find it really odd that you have been memeber for close to 6 weeks now, but didn't start posting until about a week ago when the other person and his 12 aliases went away....


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Relax. It was just a comment. I didn't vote on your thread if that's why you are being so defensive.

I don't think that any U of M fan will argue that the Horror was the biggest upset of the decade. Hell, it may have been the biggest upset ever. It's something I don't care to be reminded of. Hence my comment.

What did you expect exactly from sharing this info? High fives?


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Can we, as Michigan fans, collectively come up with our cookie-cutter upset game to respond with when we see this stuff? For example:

"App State beating Michigan? There's no way that's bigger than the Pats losing Super Bowl XLII!"


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We could also use:

"App State beating Michigan? There's no way that's bigger than the Jets beating the Colts in Super Bowl III!"

"App State beating Michigan? There's no way that's bigger than Rocky beating Drago IN the Soviet Union!"

It would be nice if we could find another college football example. Sigh.


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It's better to just accept it. If you try to argue back, and claim that some other game was a bigger upset, the other person will just add more grisly details about the game, bringing up memories you had repressed.

Besides, it's sort of a compliment to our program that one of our losses constitutes the biggest upset ever.