The SI articles about Jerry Sandusky - 1982 and 1999

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I became sick to stomach reading the grand jury document this morning. It's revolting that there are such monsters in our midst and that witnesses would respond with such incompetence. Also, I believe research shows that abusers often have a very long track-record that goes back many years.  Also, such abusers typically were once abused themselves.

With what we now know, these past article from SI about Jerry Sandusky and Linebacker U. are all the more horrifying.  They couldn't have known about the awful word choice at the time:

Linebackers Are Jerry Sandusky's Business, But Not His Only Business: December 6, 1982:

It hasn't bothered Sandusky that The Second Mile thus far has kept him from leaving Penn State. "Many people have talked to me about hiring him," says Paterno, "but Jerry's been reluctant to talk to them because of all the commitments he has in this area." A couple of head-coaching jobs at the college level have come and gone, as well as inquiries from Oakland and Tampa Bay about interviewing Sandusky to become a pro assistant. "A long time ago Jerry really wanted to be a head coach," says Dottie, "but now there are so many things going that he never mentions it anymore."

"I'm concerned about his future," says Paterno, who spent 16 years as an assistant to Rip Engle at Penn State. "I'm proud of everything that he and Dottie have done, and I certainly wouldn't like to lose him, but I'd hate to see him lose his chance to be a head coach."

"The timing hasn't been right for me or my family," says Sandusky. "It might be someday. We believe the saying, 'It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it.' Dottie and I were disappointed when we couldn't have children, but we took it as a positive thing and it gave us an opportunity to do more."

Last Call:  December 20, 1999

Sandusky's parents, Art and Evie, ran a recreation center in Washington, Pa., and at heart, E.J. says, Sandusky is "a frustrated playground director." E.J. remembers the kickball games his father organized in the backyard. "Dad would get every single kid involved," says E.J. "We had the largest kickball games in the United States, kickball games with 40 kids."


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The greatest misfortune of this whole affair is that when the police did get involved (after Paterno made sure to get them involved) ... they didn't investigate or charge Sandusky. The police are the reason why this has been allowed to continue for this long...


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A possibility (who knows) is that Joe Pa thought that by telling the guy who was in charge of campus police, he had told the police. Not the AD, but the other guy indicted for Perjury was responsible for all campus police. So the head of the Campus Police knew at some point. I dont know if Joe Pa told him, but he's indicted for perjury.

/not excusing anything, just answering a question, possibly


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are extremely adept at hiding their predatory activities from the larger world, and at projecting completely normal images of themselves to their closest friends and family members. Obviously Sandusky couldn't have gotten as far as he did without the willfully blind incompetence of the PSU officials inside and outside the Athletic Dept., but I would bet there are plenty of average citizens who knew Sandusky who were absolutely shocked.


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that the D.A. or prosecuting attorney who declined to file charges against Sandusky in 1998—even after Sandusky admitted to being naked with the boy involved—has since died under mysterious circumstances.

It's like an episode of "L&O."

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the DA you're talking about is presumed dead, but no body has ever been found.  He disappeared without a trace one day and although leads of him being elsewhere have come up, they were dead ends.  He probably is dead, but maybe not.  Interesting article here:


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i hate to think that the sole purpose of the charity is evil, i am sure they did a lot of good. but i hate the "at-risk" part of the charity. for some reason, that language just seems like is setting up a scenario where is the word of the revered DC of a huge college football program against some poor kid. i can't help t think that there was some nugget of this in the decision at one time.

Deep Under Cover

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Most of the most aggregious stuff has been covered, and I think responsible parties have for the most part been called out, but I want to know more about what happened with Victim 8.  

Here is a situation where you have a third party witness (Jim Calhoun) who is so distraught over what he saw his co-workers and supervisor are afraid he will have a heart attack.  Then, what does his supervisor (Jay Witherite) do?  He "told him to whom he should report the incident, if he chose to report it."


I know this has been talked about ad nauseum but I am just so fucking disgusted right now.


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After reading the GJ report and the CBS timeline JoePa and the rest are full of shit.

Are the PSU people seriously going to say with a straight face that they had no idea a prosecutor was looking into allegations in 1998? Not 2002, but 1998! After that they allowed the creep to have sponsored camps, 'tours' of the showers, working out on campus, flying on team planes with children to bowl games, etc.

All of them are complicit in this and JoePa is the worst enabler of them all. He IS Penn State. He IS the football team. He WAS the boss, any other excuse is crap.


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I heard rumors of Sanduskys actions years ago, maybe 4-5 yrs ago, i also was reminded of these allegations after reading a article written by the penn st campus newspaper 2 1/2 to 3 yrs ago.  Wondering why it took so long to surface.