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Interesting article on the 2014 recruiting landscape. Interesting Peppers quote.......

"There's nothing wrong with Michigan. I'm not worried they went 7-6 or about anything else anyone has written. The future is bright for Michigan football. Don't count us out just yet. It's Michigan for God's sake."

-- Jabrill Peppers, the nation's top 2014 cornerback…



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Eh, I think his point is valid. It's fine to predict improvement, but I personally am tired of this "It's Michigan!!" stuff. You don't win any games because you're Michigan. This is just not a winner's attitude in my opinion. You've got to earn what you get, and at this point I don't think it's appropriate for us to be waving around the "for god sakes" bit.

Anyway he's a kid and who cares. I'm certainly glad he's coming. But my reaction to this is not rah rah, it's more of an eyeroll. Maybe I'm just a cynical bastard?


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I can see Hoke stating that. Afterall, it was a major upward move on his part, maybe too far upward, referencing of course our debacles against PSU and even some of our wins that  could be classified in a like manner.  It is my hope that the team was just too damn young on the OL to get done what they wanted and of course when one side of the ball plays that poorly, itn usually filters to the other side. If that's the case-and I so hope it is, you shoud see major improvement this season based on nothing more than experience and a newer, much tougher coaching style from Hoke. You become friends after they graduate.         ^But in all honesty, I have to agree with your assessment. We will be Michigan again when we start intimditing the opposing offense as we have in the past and begin averaging over 1yd per rush even when they know it's coming. 

Jack Daniels

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Hoping for an uneventful signing day, because apparently James Franklin has been telling Jabrill that Michigan will be sanctioned for the Gibbons situation....I already hate the slime bag


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From the same article towards the end...looks like Ohio is getting themselves another douche:

Growing up in Detroit, Damon Webb was a Michigan fan and idolized Wolverines legend Charles Woodson. But on Wednesday, Webb will sign with rival Ohio State, a monumental win for Buckeyes coach Meyer. Webb attends Cass Technical High in Detroit, a traditional pipeline for Michigan players, but the Wolverines' prowess at the football powerhouse backfired in the case of Webb, who committed to Ohio State last January. Webb is quick to recite the names of former Cass Technical teammates who chose Michigan, such as sophomore cornerback Terry Richardson, who did not play last season, and junior linebacker Royce Jenkins-Stone, who has rarely played.

"They're not getting better," Webb says. "The coaches aren't developing their talent."



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I plan to eat a lot of homemade salsa and cry tears of joy when Peppers brings the lumber against Penn State and any other schools with a potty mouthed coach.