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It's unbelievable how reading this fluff turns me into a 12 year old girl in my admiration of our staff.

A hell of a coach, a great football tradition, a children's hospital that is truly the leader and best, and a little bit of luck with his daughter's proximity made this place the only job in college football Greg Mattison would've taken.  Boy, it's great to be a Michigan Wolverine.  

RHammer - SNRE 98

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...Bunch that someone with a higher point total can post into the diaries if they want...


"Even as the younger of her two sons grew and grew and grew, Willietta was skeptical. Then, one day in 1986, Bo Schembechler, Michigan's legendary coach, showed up at the family's modest house on West 54th Street, armed with a scholarship offer and promises of academic excellence. "Jarrod received hundreds of letters," says Willietta, talking via phone from the home her son purchased. "But Coach Schembechler was the only coach to say, 'Mrs. Bunch, I guarantee you he will graduate.'""



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Mattison will continue trying to teach Michigan defenders what it means to be Michigan Men. "There are so many people that want Michigan football to be back," Mattison says. "That's our job. I want nothing more, personally, than for this defense, when the season's over with, to stick their chests out and say 'We played Michigan defense.'"

I remember seeing Mattison and Hoke patrolling the sideline when they were here.  I remember when we were called Lights Out, Violent, and Powerful. Completely miss the days we intimidated SEC teams.  I have no doubt, Hoke and Mattison miss this too and will give their all, knowing their kids and grandkids have hearts that pump Maize and Blue blood with every beat. 

Good luck to Mattie.  Keep gramps happy and healthy in Ann Arbor and we will be happy and healthy in our lives as well.

Go Blue.

Also just bought my tix for THE GAME.


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What a great read. I like so many things about this.
<br>Like that one time, when our AD had hired a head coach, then he helped that head coach recruit his preferred Defensive Coordinator?
<br>Or, how about like that one time, when he recruited Tebow for Florida (reminds me of that one time when his boss recruited Tom Brady to Michigan).
<br>Great link, what a tremendous Friday read.
<br>Jerseys. Will. Be. Sold. In. Ohio.


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effing awesome, and special shout out to mott's, a greatt children's hospital that works miracles everyday. bless them. i was a member of Dance Marathon for two years and got to meet so many of the children at motts. 

Michigan is a special place. 


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Let us note that between bringing us Pop Evil and threatening us with the possibility of Mascotism, Dave Brandon also hooks infants with live-threatening heart conditions up with pioneering surgeons who know how to deal with such things.  So he's got that going for him.


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You hear great things about Hoke every day and Mattison appears to be a stand up guy as well but how about Dave Brandon arranging for one of the best surgeons to take the case of a co-Michigan man in need. It's great to see that the Michigan family is back to helping one another.


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Thanks again for posting this.  Really enjoyed reading this and it really shows how much the Michigan family cares about each other.  Much rather read an article like this and would really wish the NCAA/media would focus more on stories like this.