Shout outs from what I saw at the game and not so much

Submitted by Giff4484 on September 5th, 2010 at 11:05 AM
First off Mouton was solid and made stops great job. Mr. Black is going to be a player he is quick of the edge and just needs to work on his moves and he is all Big 10. RVB made some good plays as well. I saw Roh being Roh as well. Not so much. Kovacs bad coverage letting guys get wide open again... Missed some stops as well. And our crowd man when I can hear from across the stadium UCONN chants that is bad. When Carvin went down they were chanting something need to block that stuff out guys.



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moves away from all B10?  Why don't you give the kid a couple years and also realize there are some pretty damn good players on other Big 10 teams. Kerrigan, Clayborn, Heyward most notably.

Will people stop with the Kovacs shit ... the secondary gave up just over 200 yards, for chrissake.  He's not a ball hawking pass defender. No shit. But the kid is in the right place in the run game and make tackles. Get over it.


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haven't looked at the replay yet, so I can't comment with much authority.  He very well may have had a poor game yesterday, but even if he did, it doesn't change what he did against live B10 opponents last year, and probably won't change my opinion of him going forward. I'm just a little tired of the questioning of the kid. He's limited, but he's heady, and he a good tackler -- something this defense needs. That's why Carvin started yesterday, I presume. Like Kovacs, he can bring people down. Hope his injury doesn't keep him out long.  


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Better than last year ... hell yes.   There were more open receivers than I would like to see but when they caught the ball a Michigan defender was right there to tackle them.  Only real break down was on the juggling catch in the 2nd quarter when Cam Gordon took a bad angle and just missed the guy.  But overall the secondary did a better job at keeping players in front of them.  I will take that for 12 more games.  


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Yes I support the kid and I like him. I didn't say he sucked or made him into a scapegoat. There were a few plays were the running back or slot guy ran behind him and were wide-open . He needs to stay with his guy because against ND it will kill us. He made some great plays so sorry I didn't include it on my post came off the wrong way.
Black will be all big 10 if he plays that way and gets better.


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We'll have to wait for the UFR, but I think most of UConn's big pass plays were from their receivers finding holes in our zone coverage (this happens when you don't get enough pressure on the quarterback) rather than an error on any specific player.  When these passes are completed, Kovacs is usually the first guy there for the tackle, thus most people (unfairly or not) put the blame on him.  He's the secondary's scapegoat.


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No lost fumbles: Check

No interceptions: Check

Open receivers=good routes: Check

QB accurate: Check

Opp held to 10 points: Check

No quick scores by opp: Check

Ate up the clock: Check


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that might look like a "negative" from the game yesterday, would be that we had zero sacks.  We did pressure the quaterback pretty well at times.  We just need to find a way to get the QB on the ground, put some hits on them and force some backfield turnovers, as the year progresses.... Everything on O and D was pretty solid yesterday, so the lack of sacks was not that significant....


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My negatives from the game other then the zero sacks was the performance on special teams.  I understand that it was windy, but we've dealt with muffed punts for several years now, and the situation needs to be fixed before its costs us a game.  Thankfully Mr. Hawthorne got to the bottom of the pile. 

The FannMan

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Better tackling;  Check

I was really impressed with the tackling.  We seemed to get mutiple guys to the ball and the tackle was made.  I remember Mouton making a great tackle one-on-one in space down by the south endzone.  The only really bad angle was Gordon on the guy tipping the ball.  A better angle and he could have just drilled the guy before he pulled it in.  Even then, it was a very odd play with a bouncing ball, so I am not going to kill him for it.


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What else are the fans supposed to do when a player is injured? Usually,I'm too busy worrying if he's ok to cheer or chant. I'm just hoping to clap when they get up and walk off the field, not wondering "How can I drown out opposing fans who are chanting something?". I actually find it a bit classless if fans chant or cheer if a player is (potentially) hurt, so I try to stay away from it myself.


Whoa, when did that soapbox get here? Guess I should get off of it before it breaks....


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I can definitely say it would be better than some of the tripe that even our own fans spew about an injured kid being a "pussy". That shit makes me want to haul off and knock someone's teeth out, regardless of their allegiance. No tolerance for that sort of classless behavior.


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"Down in front" this game. It was some old man in the North Endzone complaining people couldnt' see (they were sitting down behind the people standing up.  It was when we were on defense and UConn was driving towards us. The crowd ended up getting really loud when a third down came up and alls stood up.  the guy was quiet for the rest of the game. 

I also loved the jets making M's in the air.  Got some great pic's that I will try to post, as well as one of the flyovers.

Also, the actual game was incredible. everything about the day was perfect.